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it should be that there is 6 aircraft carriers for japs with unlimited amount of planes like for exa...

26th September 2006 19:09

Really nice!Now I can't decide which one I probably like better.Tobruk or Crete.That's really really...

29th March 2007 18:03

I can't see a thing too.

31st March 2007 14:03

That's hard question really.I think I most like BIA:Road to hill 30 at the moment.

30th March 2007 02:03

Nope, you have to wait.

30th March 2007 01:03

I think it should run fine

30th March 2007 01:03

Mr_Cheese;3601115 the airborne invasion was in the north of the island, Sfakia is in the south. I...

30th March 2007 00:03

Moose12;3600565Then how do the Japanese win coral sea? In SP they don't.I haven't played Coral Sea...

29th March 2007 18:03

Heh, everybody spam a little here, little there:lol:

29th March 2007 00:03

That scared me a little bit at first.When I saw thread's name then I was like "Another update alread...

2nd April 2007 01:04

I don't know.It's not yet been shown.Altough I think they will model British one too.

27th March 2007 21:03

I got lots of them. VC VC2 VC FA Battlefield 1942 + expansions. BIA EIB BIA road to hill 30 BF2 BFV...

27th March 2007 17:03

IF-22 flight sim.Worst I can think of right now.

27th March 2007 17:03

Yeah this thing really bothered me too.I think it was because you haven't got the latest BF1942 patc...

27th March 2007 17:03

Well sure we can vote.

27th March 2007 17:03

I say it should be there.

27th March 2007 16:03

yeah cool for sure.Everybody just die.Well anyway rather than nukes I'd prefer some chemical weapons...

27th March 2007 01:03

That is veery weird.Something or someone should release some kinda mod to fix that crap!

27th March 2007 01:03

I think Great Britain should have been named Commonwealth or something.

1st April 2007 16:04

RedSand;3603699FN's will focus on Italy after Australia is done. The map pack for Italy will also sp...

2nd April 2007 01:04

I think it wasn't neccessary at all.However if it really is then use support center or was so...

27th March 2007 00:03

Oh yeah right, and when that Bird gets hit by flak it starts smoking and burning and finally explode...

13th April 2007 18:04

Most of PZ IIIs will be done I think. Don't know about Stugs, probably same like in FH 0.7. Devs te...

15th April 2007 20:04

It's battlefield 2, we all love it's engine, don't we?

15th April 2007 19:04

Not in first release at least.

15th April 2007 19:04