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Originally posted by Kenkenif! well, just create the image with the text you want, place the file i...

9th March 2003 10:03

what map is the best? I want to know what ya all think but I really like Dawnville and brecort for s...

14th December 2003 16:12

Well I tried to screen shot it but it didbt get it. It starts to keep on turning white and I could s...

13th February 2004 16:02

:smokin: When ever i change map my screen gets all messed up. Why is it doing this?? :smokin:

12th February 2004 14:02

Mr.WeeD_DkFUTURAMA OWNS :) I dunno know sry :D Futurama and Family Guy Owns :cheers:

25th January 2004 17:01

Is there a BF1942 Pathfinder? Because there is one For Return To Castle Wolfenstien and its expansio...

24th January 2004 16:01

DragonFlyB/c then they could launch air strikes, artilerry fire every sec you wouldn't be able to mo...

24th January 2004 15:01

I mean Why doesnt Every Server has that because I go to this fast recharge server than later I went...

24th January 2004 11:01

Why cant all servers have fast recharge in ET do you need to do somthin special??

19th January 2004 08:01

How do you make a comment in a multiplayer game?? Like when u join a server it says Comments: Bla...

24th December 2003 12:12


16th February 2004 15:02

RizingDragonand in close combat i dont think the garand stands a chance against a sub machine gun Ya...

3rd December 2003 09:12

I would say that the m1 grand is good because i feel more powerfull using it

3rd December 2003 09:12

I want to know if faster rechage for [COLOR=red]ET[/COLOR] is a setting or a mod cuz i like those se...

23rd August 2003 11:08

'[BMSubterfuge']Melvin, it will be for RtCW.. Since ID or Splash more then likely will NOT release t...

19th August 2003 13:08

you people dont answer my question

17th August 2003 16:08

so whats it for wolf or et?

17th August 2003 10:08

When I play BF1942 I sometimes GET REALLY lAGGY (i dont use 56K)And when we change map my screen get...

16th August 2003 01:08

What if it for Wolfenstien or Enemy Territory?

16th August 2003 00:08

When I play on the internet, and get into the game it goes back to the "Main Menu" and an error mess...

16th February 2004 13:02

[COLOR=Blue]I cant play the new maps and stuff and find jet packs in the single player and the inter...

19th February 2004 13:02

I was wondering if anyone had any IP's for servers with "Fast Recharge" in it? Does anyone know any?...

16th April 2004 07:04

Please Help someone else my Enemy Territory is still freezing and I really Really Want to play. So p...

18th December 2004 02:12

Do you have the up to date patch? The current patch is 1.02 I think but you should check

18th December 2004 02:12

but my enemy territory is still freezing even tho i downloaded that viedo card

15th December 2004 07:12