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my dc2.0 says that files are corupt when i try to join a sever and it doses it when loading map.i do...

2nd April 2003 19:04

it told me the message when i clicked on two different servers. were they both 0.3? what is an 0.3...

2nd April 2003 23:04

ya that didnt work i tried diffirent servers.anything else that can help:(

3rd April 2003 19:04

i am not sure where to put it in.but i do know how to put skins in.can some one help.:(

3rd April 2003 19:04

thanks i will try that got it dowloaded.;)

4th April 2003 01:04

thanks man!!it is sweet cant wait tell dc o.3:dance: :rock: :rock:

4th April 2003 02:04

i doeloaded the rfa extractor but i do not know were to put it.i looked to see were to put and i did...

5th April 2003 00:04

i built a brane new computer just to play this game .so ya probly sould get the pack.

5th April 2003 01:04


14th April 2003 03:04

cool cant wait

1st May 2003 02:05

why the hell would you want to steal ideas?

8th May 2003 01:05