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Im sure you all saw that movie w/ link fighting ganoondorf, why couldnt they have made him look like...

8th September 2002 14:09

but it looks so much better w/o cel-shading, but i guess it doesnt matter. are they gonna keep on ce...

8th September 2002 20:09

Change is sometimes good. i hope theyre not gonna keep the look. its ok, but i like the other 3d loo...

10th September 2002 00:09

I think Rogue Leader has the best graphics. Fly behind the Star Destroyer in Razor Rendezvous and lo...

10th September 2002 23:09

SSBM and Jedi Outcast (when it comes out), are the best.

20th September 2002 00:09

I've never played the game, but I've heard it's really good. What exactly do you do?

15th October 2002 22:10

Don't forget Jedi Outcast.

26th October 2002 17:10