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Sorry if this is already mentioned in another thread (i did a search for muzzle and didnt found anyt...

2nd September 2004 18:09

That's so great and so true.

25th January 2007 23:01

Yes. I bet the guy who did the autopsy enjoyed looking at those honkers though. It is not every day...

10th February 2007 01:02

Meth really messes up your face and everything too. Just an awful drug, one of the worst. Not like a...

9th February 2007 00:02

Woah. Especially at the fish shaped lake.

9th February 2007 00:02

That's awful, man. Was the guy intoxicated in anyway or was he just not driving well?

9th February 2007 00:02

This just proves that money does not equal happiness. I have a feeling it was an overdose.

9th February 2007 00:02

Did the posts get jumbled up? If it's still hurting a week from now and you can't walk on it, chance...

2nd February 2007 00:02

31st January 2007 23:01

Hehe. >14) Attention Deficit Disorder--We Wish You......Hey Look!! It's >Snowing!!! Cute...

31st January 2007 22:01

Everyone, just stick with XP for about another year until everything gets fixed on Vista. Every edit...

31st January 2007 20:01

That's pretty awesome.

28th January 2007 02:01

Control Monger is a lot of fun if you can find people to play with. It's empty most of the time. ww...

23rd January 2007 01:01

Virgin Battle Blood rushes to my head My heart climbs to my throat Now the order is heard "Charge!"...

11th February 2007 06:02

That's awesome!

23rd January 2007 01:01

I've seen a lot of things in my life but that was AWESOME. Sorry about your car though.

21st January 2007 04:01

*SW3D3*;3494273Little do you know:vikki: And for the record, you have no idea what so ever what you...

20th January 2007 23:01

Your thread is still 100x better, Knippschild. :p

20th January 2007 05:01

I'm not totally sure whether or not I should post this one, as it is about religion and may offend s...

20th January 2007 05:01

Exactly how it says in the Book of Revelation.

20th January 2007 03:01

Try Bawls. It's a Brazilian soft drink with more Caffiene in it than any energy drink. You can drink...

20th January 2007 02:01

I've been talking to the1chaos he's going to help me. The pay to play games should be up soon.

20th January 2007 02:01

Well I can't seem to find the edit button.

20th January 2007 02:01

Free Gunz Online Golf King GunBo...

20th January 2007 00:01

Iran claims found herbal cure for AIDS; Ahmadinejad vows Islamic Republic's nuclear rights...

11th February 2007 04:02