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could anyone make a saber hilt that looks like this? if u could do that for me, i'd be grateful

2nd August 2002 11:08

i can't model to save my life, but i think i have a few good ideas everyonce and a while (even a bli...

23rd December 2002 07:12

Auron, the guy in the red trench coat in FFX

24th October 2002 02:10

here's the link to a few pics http://end...

24th October 2002 02:10

here's another

24th October 2002 02:10

but is there any progress on the kirby model?

15th December 2002 01:12

:lookaround: does anyone know if anyone is working on a Plo Koon model? :lookaround:

22nd December 2002 12:12

i was asking if there was a new one, i knew about that one already, i think he used a model that cam...

22nd December 2002 13:12

yet again, :bows: thank u :bows:

23rd December 2002 01:12

there's the offical web site even

23rd December 2002 08:12

Keyblade... i think that would be a great idea, unfourtunitly, i can't model and/or skin stuff (and...

12th October 2002 11:10

23rd December 2002 10:12

here's another pic... ok, so maybe without the big T on it

24th December 2002 01:12

but i was wondering how the Kirby model was coming along

26th December 2002 11:12

if u didn't read the 2nd post of this thread, getting paid to make a model is illegal, and if u thin...

1st January 2003 14:01

1. sephiroth was already made and skin (not entirely well tho) 2. someone hasn't had enough interest...

1st January 2003 14:01

ok...i've seen this and a few other things like it and i've been wondering when they are, if anyone...

4th March 2003 09:03

Lando needs a pimp coat :D , many ppl have agreed with me in games, but as life goes, i could model...

21st April 2003 20:04

does he have a last name? anyway, Auron would kick some major ass even more if he were a model, hel...

23rd October 2002 09:10

i really don't wanna know for the spawn model, i'm actually more interested in the raziel model

14th August 2002 08:08

does anyone out there think they could make a megaman or zero skin? i'd do it myself if i could, bu...

3rd August 2002 22:08

i did, and like i said, i'm more confused than when i started

6th August 2002 22:08

plz make zero from the megaman series zero even uses an energy sword that looks like a light saber

5th August 2002 12:08

i really don't know anything about making i wouldn't know how to model or skin it... o...

6th August 2002 01:08

...i'd learn how if someone told me which program to use...

6th August 2002 07:08
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