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Yes,it is an really cool map, but the reinforcements for each sides are a bit big( It takes me about...

15th May 2005 16:05

I don't have...need 'em the worst too lol:lol: Working on getting the .msh editor tho...little pro...

3rd June 2005 01:06

Check your firewall status. I think I had this problem and I fixed it with some firewall tweaking, t...

5th July 2005 21:07

Ok I've decided to play some Sp lately after clicking on the "single player" button it has the appe...

23rd June 2005 00:06

OK it worked and I thank you SO MUCH!! thank you thank you thank you

12th June 2005 19:06

I'm sorry for double posting but I'm getting impatient...any help would be loved!

12th June 2005 02:06

Ok here goes: After loading up my JK:JA mp, I join a siege game. It loads up with the character sel...

11th June 2005 16:06

> ^^

11th June 2005 02:06

badass7...You still haven't seen ep3 yet? shame...

5th June 2005 06:06

no mod yet(don't even know if it's possible)...but if you want to have one I suggest going over ot t...

3rd June 2005 01:06

Bconstructer (winrar needed) BFbuilder pro and world builder are same thing actu...

2nd June 2005 23:06

That would be good because the majority of the CIS army are normal battledroids,yet in battlefro...

23rd May 2005 04:05

(hey why start a new topic when i can post here) Can anyone tell me where to get each of these?:...

1st June 2005 20:06

All normal battle droid fans here you go! :bows:

1st June 2005 16:06

Yes it will be in Battlefront 2 but I don't have any problem with it personally since it was updated...

31st May 2005 18:05

wow, that MODEL AND TEXTURE is really amazing, looks like one made by a [color=black]professional[/...

23rd May 2005 17:05

I think weyoun7 is still having troubles with the pics XD so much for this mod...

23rd May 2005 05:05

:frog::frog::frog::frog::frog::frog::frog::frog::frog: ribbit! :uhm:

23rd May 2005 05:05

:bawl: You are so mean! (sry wasn't in the right state of mind when i posted):uhm:

23rd May 2005 05:05


23rd May 2005 05:05

fill in #18 through #48 for 60 things to do in an elevator while leaning on someone :hump:

23rd May 2005 04:05

Tools and such here:

10th August 2005 02:08