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Right...and Portland is in Oregon...on the border of Washington and far from California.Maybe the co...

16th February 2019 02:02

Love it! What kind of fun experiments go on in that lab?

16th February 2019 02:02

West coast is the BEST coast!

14th February 2019 22:02

It's me doing the thing that I do. My cover photo is a shot taken by me in Portland of my favorit...

14th February 2019 01:02

Mostly just water, but I have a serious soft spot for Ginger Ale....and beer, of course.

8th February 2019 02:02

thank you so much

31st January 2019 05:01

So...It occurs to me. I need *A LOT* more purple jelly

31st January 2019 04:01

My first bass. As a lot of you know, I left my home town back in 2010. All I brought with me was my...

27th January 2019 19:01

Please tell me you don't judge musicians on the depth of their wallets or the brand status of their...

27th January 2019 19:01

Close, Against Me! and a Ravenclaw scarf.

27th January 2019 07:01

How about a good old-fashioned post your battlestation thread? I hate this desk, but it's too dif...

27th January 2019 02:01

360 Controller. I keep trying to go back to mouse and keyboard since getting a PC again, but it's be...

26th January 2019 19:01

2 pages, 12 years, and not a single mom joke. Whoa.

25th January 2019 00:01

but i thought cookies were a sometimes food now.

22nd January 2019 03:01

I still read it as "Very Important Person Member."

20th January 2019 01:01

Feel free to add me on! Lysdestic#1663 

20th January 2019 01:01

So, we did an impromptu burritos and movie thing last night at work, and me and another coworker h...

17th January 2019 04:01

Oh my god. I actually know someone else that plays it on PC!?!?! That's been half the battle.   

14th January 2019 23:01

I'm very hopeful and cautiously optimistic that this will be good going foward for Destiny. I've lov...

14th January 2019 22:01

Posted by random_soldier1337Posted by LysdesticPosted by random_soldier1337I see. Well my circumstan...

12th January 2019 02:01

Posted by random_soldier1337I see. Well my circumstances, my rules. I give a hand only to have it my...

11th January 2019 21:01

Anxiety can present in many ways.I suffer from it due to PTSD stemming from events in my childhood....

11th January 2019 02:01

Here's a neat looking game that is free on Steam until the 19th. Seems to be inspired by the classic...

19th December 2018 01:12

There was a spam account that created a post in the "I'm Happy" thread that, even though I saw befor...

19th December 2018 01:12

15th December 2018 05:12