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8th August 2020 20:08


8th August 2020 04:08


8th August 2020 04:08

We will beat you with your own cane. Right, zephyr?

4th August 2020 20:08

Don't I know it. Registered at 13 and just turned 31. 

2nd August 2020 16:08

Yeah, gizmo, what the hell?

2nd August 2020 00:08

Sounds like it's time for an intervention, zephyr.

31st July 2020 14:07

Seriously? Creed? Are you trying to get banned from the forums too?Also not really helping that whol...

31st July 2020 01:07

Every day.Zephyr did it.

30th July 2020 02:07

Looks like you can now build a PC and play Doom (or even Minecraft!) inside of Minecraft. https:/...

25th July 2020 15:07

This thread and my post above inspired me to put together a little bit of a family photo of all my i...

15th July 2020 18:07


17th July 2020 21:07

zephyr, killslowly

17th July 2020 17:07

Lots and lots of reading. Been doing a lot of autobiographies lately.My only real thread of sanity i...

15th July 2020 17:07

So I never got super into traditional comic book heroes until the marvel movies, and even then I hav...

15th July 2020 17:07

To your point on 20-30 dedicated vs. 5000 jacks of trade, maybe that's exactly the reason why to avo...

12th July 2020 05:07

How old are those forums, per chance, and what would you say the average age of those regulars would...

11th July 2020 16:07

We're still here. Most of us spend a lot of time on the discord server.

10th July 2020 14:07

Forum is haunted.

2nd May 2020 15:05

There you are! Yes. You must join us on discord, this is where all the cool members are waiting o...

27th April 2020 17:04

That was beautiful, zephyr.

25th April 2020 22:04

@RadioactiveLobster  ⁠ Why are they doing this to you?

25th April 2020 21:04

Zephyr, are you spreading STDs again?

25th April 2020 19:04

@FileTrekker always wins. I like him better than I like me too! Zephyr.

2nd April 2020 23:04

But it's the peanut butter, right? Not the mashup. zephyr

2nd April 2020 23:04