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Hi... I'm new to these forums and was just wondering if someone could could make a fairly simple mod...

3rd March 2009 01:03

Also, Toshi made a model of Padme as well. He's a really good modeller, and most of his models come...

5th July 2009 10:07

I got Dragon v.0.8.9.

3rd August 2009 05:08

Hmm, I just tried to get Dragon and I got the error "This application has failed to start because jp...

2nd August 2009 06:08

Ok, so I got 2142 a few months ago, played it a little and just stopped. Yesterday I started playing...

2nd August 2009 06:08

Edit the Shader File...

29th July 2009 12:07

My only question about this. When do you think it'll be released? xD

29th July 2009 12:07

Ok, so on our RP server we use the map from JK3 Files Jedi Rift Enclave, Jedi Knight 3 Downloads, Je...

28th July 2009 05:07

^ A must? When you're making a request, make everything a question... Do not DEMAND. xD

27th July 2009 12:07

^ Hmm, that's fine... But don't ask him to port it...

27th July 2009 12:07

:( I can't see the screen shots...

16th July 2009 07:07

^ Yeah. :P Ok, I'll look into that. :)

2nd July 2009 23:07

Looks awesome Phae. :D

10th August 2009 04:08

^ Haha, ok. Thanks. :P

1st July 2009 23:07

^ Is there a way to do that effect in Audacity?

1st July 2009 11:07

With the main room, you might want to mix up textures a bit. ;) The floor looks a bit flat when look...

1st July 2009 11:07

^ There is an MC Model. But it's only from the original Halo (and I'm pretty sure it's on JK3 Files,...

30th June 2009 10:06

Ok, that makes sense. =P Alright. :) Thanks.

30th June 2009 06:06

I've had some trouble running three mods together... JA Unlimited. seems to cause the other two mod...

29th June 2009 12:06

Erstok;4932212There is a ported model of a plain old Selkath model floating around in the lazy commu...

27th June 2009 12:06

Pande;4932100Fairly easy looking model to make too. :) You think so? I thought I was making some ri...

27th June 2009 08:06

^ Really?

27th June 2009 06:06

Would be too much to ask someone to upload the latest pictures of this model so that I could what ki...

6th August 2009 12:08

You could try re-skinning Tobe's model of Luke. It's good, and it has the robe. ;)

14th August 2009 06:08

Oh, dangit. Too bad it's ported. >< Could you still give link though? :P

27th June 2009 06:06