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I'm downloading it right now. I'll post some feedback later. ;P

1st December 2009 23:12

Looks awesome. Good luck!

29th January 2010 23:01

Great job cobainfish. ;D Zuckuss looks fantastic. :P

23rd January 2010 05:01

Pande, where'd you happen to download Dragon? I can't find it anywhere... :/

25th December 2009 04:12

Oops, forgot to do that. Mass Effect Gameplay Mass Effect Gameplay 2

22nd December 2009 19:12

I've been wanting to make my own custom animations for JA, but Dragon doesn't seem to work on my PC...

22nd December 2009 06:12

Hmm, I was never one for zombie modes, but the zombie mod for CoD2 was pretty fun. Yeah, I'd be some...

21st December 2009 18:12

^ Lol, wrong thread Averus. xD

10th December 2009 00:12

^ He never released it (not that I know of at least).

5th December 2009 06:12

Honestly, you could probably use Haps' Anakin model and take the hood from the robes, like in the Si...

1st December 2009 23:12

Thanks Forceboat. :D

29th November 2009 02:11

katanamaru;4974975He means Toshi's Luke. Oh, yes. My bad. xD

14th August 2009 20:08

Yeah, same.

28th November 2009 02:11

Is it? Huh, I never noticed. xD

27th November 2009 23:11

Thanks. :D

27th November 2009 23:11

I just re-installed JA and was looking for Toshi's models. As I recall, they were quite excellent. U...

27th November 2009 23:11

Delta 47;5053323Your disc is damaged. Recover the files off of the CD's/DVD with this tool, CDCheck....

30th October 2009 00:10

So, awhile back I uninstalled SWBF2 to install another game (small hardrive). Recently I've gotten a...

28th October 2009 23:10

Meh, I may give it a shot. I haven't tried skinning for a few months now. Also as some of the others...

7th October 2009 05:10

I went with Mace's Map. Great job. :D

6th September 2009 05:09

It's because '=' and 'p/P' happened to be next to each other. xD

16th August 2009 03:08

It's already playable in JA, do you see the HUD? That's JA. ;)

26th June 2009 22:06

Pande;4931963Ya I think they have a system where it can tell if you are near a wall, and uses a diff...

26th June 2009 22:06

I found a link to these forums off of JK3 Files, and finally had the time to join... :)

2nd March 2009 17:03

My lowest is 5.0 and my highest is 5.9...

3rd March 2009 21:03