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Welcome to FF. Hope to see you around. :bows: Delta 47;4922542Your 16 and going to college? Wow, an...

20th June 2009 00:06

^ He's trying to get it to fizz when rain hits the lightsaber.

15th June 2009 15:06

Well, you don't need to model. You can just skin an already used model. :) This is probably the clo...

8th June 2009 18:06

xP After looking into this mod, I've become interested. :P

7th June 2009 21:06

^ Hmm, why don't you try making one yourself?

7th June 2009 21:06

No. It's not in the customization. It's one of the icons in the players list. ;)

6th June 2009 18:06

^ As a program, I'd recommend Audacity. It's free, and pretty easy to use. :)

6th June 2009 18:06

^ Oh, I wasn't quite expecting that. Thanks. :D

4th June 2009 16:06

Creating my own texture. :) I already know how to skin. I just want to bring quality to my skins.

3rd June 2009 21:06

I got this game a few weeks ago and have been playing it solid since then. I love the game, but the...

2nd April 2009 03:04

Hi, I did a couple skins for JA/JO a few months ago, granted they weren't good. But I've been thinki...

3rd June 2009 21:06

Switch to Vista. Problem solved.

28th April 2009 23:04

I've noticed that MoH: Airborne's controls feel "heavy". I'm used to CoD and I just can't get used t...

26th April 2009 21:04

Nice Job... :)

23rd April 2009 23:04

I'd recommend going here. :)

20th April 2009 22:04

Welcome to FF... :)

11th April 2009 23:04

Google... :)

8th April 2009 22:04

Hi. :D Welcome to FF. :)

6th April 2009 03:04

Ok. Thanks... :) I lowered the settings and it runs fine... :D Thanks again...

2nd April 2009 17:04

After going through the other photos. I'm almost positive this is a fake. Mainly because, quite a fe...

11th June 2010 04:06