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I tried fh .7 but didn't like it for the simple reason that the game had alot of good players that k...

18th April 2006 19:04

So that means they are on the defensive, that is a war already lost.

12th April 2006 13:04

What Iran should do is draw a clear line that if any foreigners launch any sort of attack on their t...

12th April 2006 14:04

I like my glock 17. (its an airsoft gas blow back pistol)

12th April 2006 17:04

I love this mod because it has about 30 different maps,the weaponry is realistic/accurate, and the g...

12th April 2006 17:04

I personally think that it might be good, as long as its not like "star wars" with laser and stuff.

12th April 2006 22:04

any suggestion on what to check out?

15th April 2006 05:04

How many nukes do you think Iran has by now?

16th April 2006 21:04

I figure that it has a secret stash, in the thousands.(of war heads but maybe not the fusalage to go...

16th April 2006 22:04

look at Russia, it has thousands of warheads, yet it is not a economic powerhouse (like Iran)

16th April 2006 22:04

I remember when I use to play Joint Operations and you had a choice of different taunts you could sc...

16th April 2006 22:04

hthttp://musicjesus.com/tp: //www.ogrish.com/index2.html

16th April 2006 22:04

//www.ogrish.com/index2.html hthttp://musicjesus.com/tp:

16th April 2006 22:04

it's to stab

17th April 2006 03:04

here are some pictures of the aircraft in question: its got a tail gunner!...

18th April 2006 01:04

do a fresh install

18th April 2006 20:04

Is it because of the polution or that they have a cold and don't want to spread it?

19th April 2006 15:04

I lke the weaponry of the past. I just hope that we will be able to look down iron sights in fh2, pr...

19th April 2006 16:04

Thanks For The Info

20th April 2006 02:04

I'd go with the 22 cal. also, preferably a model that looks like a glock and that can shoot 17 shots...

24th April 2006 04:04

I think I read somewhere that the game will be exclusively multiplayer but I'm not sure. this could...

26th April 2006 20:04

I was not sure so I decided to ask. I was wondering if there is a way to get enemy player tags for f...

28th April 2006 01:04

I am asking this because i sometimes kill friendlies by mistake and I hate to do that (it makes me f...

28th April 2006 01:04

that's a good idea, I will try out the demo too. thx

28th April 2006 01:04

it's up ok let me go check

28th April 2006 01:04