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Oh yeah it will. I have to say you have and are doing some great work on this map Sathiron. It's l...

16th February 2005 21:02

Yeah number one on my count is get GTK Radient 1.4.0. But the thing you have to remember with Radien...

16th February 2005 20:02

Lol. Well now that it seems no one responded to my first how do I mess with the gravity. Lol. I m...

16th February 2005 20:02

Almighty_girhow the heck did this thread get 4 stars??? o_O Lol gir. Good question.

16th February 2005 03:02

If it is possible how do you change the gravity not higher or lower but in direction? From falling d...

13th February 2005 21:02

Star Wars Battlefront captures the vehicles and models of the movies but I don't think that the map...

16th February 2005 03:02

Yeah gir's right. No offense D but you weren't very clear yourself.

16th February 2005 03:02

But ill try to stick to the subject and say that an alien model would be a good start lol :beer: L...

15th February 2005 00:02

Yeah the preds are way superior because of they are so much smarter. That and stronger. I was real...

14th February 2005 14:02

Good model gir. I just played around with it for the last 20 mins. Very cool.

14th February 2005 03:02

Wait a second which AVP did you see? Lol. But yeah that would be an awesome addition to the Wrecke...

14th February 2005 03:02

My memory is terrible so I don't know if this is right but I'm pretty sure you have to copy your Jed...

14th February 2005 03:02

Ahahahahahahahahhahahahhahahhahahahahhahahahhahaha. You guys make me weep with laughter! Hahahahaha...

10th June 2004 03:06

No serously vortex, look dumb up in the dictionary

10th June 2004 03:06

Hey, I was wanting to make a map, but I can't get a mapping program. (If there is one) Can anyone...

16th April 2004 20:04


18th April 2004 00:04

hgwall44, I don't have a problem with what dark maul said at all. I was agreeing with him.

23rd April 2004 00:04

I've just got Charter and I downloaded one of those videos in a minute or so.:cool:

20th April 2004 17:04


19th April 2004 19:04

Thanks man. But please don't (I know you didn't really say it but..) the :censored: word. But besi...

19th April 2004 00:04

Dark MaulHmph. some Strongbad fan you are! can't even spell Trogdor right. j/k. :smack: Ya I know.:...

18th April 2004 20:04

Ya me too.:nodding: I want some kinda video tutoral to show me instead of tell me what things to d...

18th April 2004 20:04

Um, ya whatev'. :rolleyes: Just send me the stuff.

18th April 2004 00:04

I meant it was the first day I was a member. (Or posted anything for that matter)

18th April 2004 00:04

I know this is a stupid question and everyone's going to get on my case about not searching ( which...

23rd April 2004 01:04