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Your problem is you havent actually started the game yet. Double click on Doom 3, wait for it to loa...

22nd October 2004 07:10

I'd be happy to make the Jedi Temple Map, if it hasn't already been done. I have The Force Unleash...

29th November 2009 05:11

Yes it is possible but you can't assign a key to pitch or roll, the player would have to do it them...

22nd November 2009 10:11

Then how does it work? EDIT: No No No, i'll put the creator of the model in the credits of the mod...

22nd November 2009 10:11

Just don't make these space maps just a huge box with a space shader. Include things like: Astroid...

22nd November 2009 10:11

Some clan made one, they modified a chewbacca to have that robe.

22nd November 2009 10:11

Do you know any models that i could reskin to get this result

22nd November 2009 12:11

Thanks Katanamaru and Raz0r. I'll get started on reskin as soon as possible! :bows::rofl:

22nd November 2009 13:11

Try the latest GMAX update, i think they release a new one every month or two.

22nd November 2009 13:11

I asked the guy I know and he's busy with his own project. Sorry I couldn't help, good luck with g...

22nd November 2009 13:11

Nice weapon mod, but why is Yin and Yang on it?

22nd November 2009 13:11

Averus, you are the most unhelpful person on this whole website!!! If you can't saying anything nice...

25th November 2009 05:11

Raz0r is right, it was probably rejected

5th December 2009 06:12

This happened to me once, i don't know how to fix it appart from reinstalling but i know how to deal...

22nd November 2009 10:11

Hapslash made one a while back!

5th December 2009 11:12

Cool! When can I download???!!!!

5th December 2009 11:12

LoL, that happened to me once. I'm sorry but your map's screwed. Node with unbound value is an undoa...

7th December 2009 07:12

Let me guess, ghosts of Stormtroopers Past. Anyway, go into ShaderEd (comes with GTK 1.4) Recreate...

7th December 2009 07:12

Sorry but Nah, you can't do it on such an old gaming engine

10th December 2009 05:12

Don't say: thanks if someone waste his time for me..!!!!!:naughty: No one will help you if you sa...

10th December 2009 06:12

Hi, If any of you remember that level early on in JK3 were you go to Correlia and you get on a tram....

10th December 2009 15:12

I tried do it but to an ametuer like me the tool-tip was not as self-explanatory as you originally a...

11th December 2009 03:12

No more recreating TFU content in JK3. TFU stuff stays in TFU. JK3 stuff stays in JK3!

11th December 2009 17:12

Are the textures dimesions to the power of 2? :lurk:

11th December 2009 17:12

thanks i'll do it as soon as possible

22nd November 2009 10:11