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"Drive-by torping"... Fly to a very close distance and belt off a quad shot of torpedoes.

25th March 2002 03:03

Could you point me to where the fiels in question should be, and what they're named?

24th June 2002 06:06

I tried Faiakes, and there was just too much extra stuff on it that I didn't want. When I try to re...

26th May 2007 22:05

It seems that NanoFX 2.0 beta completely disables the game's ability to load save files in single pl...

12th August 2005 00:08

I'm still getting the old site thing saying stuff about the site move. How long does it usually tak...

22nd July 2002 11:07

It's not just the torpedoes that irk me, it's the fact that it has that AND is a fighter carrier AND...

22nd July 2002 04:07

A full volley of Quantum Torpedoes can tear an unshielded Keldon to shreds. It's advisable to aim a...

21st July 2002 06:07

Joanna Dark. :cool: Anyone wish to pursue this idea?

3rd July 2002 07:07

How do you bind keys?

28th June 2002 07:06

Three things majorly wrong with that scene. 1) As stated before, the Enterprise was more than capab...

27th June 2002 10:06

You mean the Forest Troopers? I wanna see a snow trooper as well.

26th June 2002 13:06

Three words: E-WEB Repeater Emplacement. :D

26th June 2002 13:06

I don't think it's hardware-related, because they show up just fine in multiplayer.

24th June 2002 05:06

My favorite tactic for Vorcha vs Warbird is to just sit there. That's right, just sit there. Shoot...

25th March 2002 05:03

In Single Player, the background areas don't seem to load. All the skies and whatnot are big pale y...

24th June 2002 01:06

Put up the Dominion attacker ship!

6th June 2002 03:06

I remember seeing a link to a place where I could DL one some time ago, but I can't seem to find it....

6th June 2002 03:06

Do the Andromeda Ascendant next!!!

23rd May 2002 22:05

Arrrg.... It irks me to no end that I can't find my BC CD. There's so many mods out that I wanna tr...

23rd May 2002 22:05

What? No comment on either of them?

21st May 2002 21:05

I'm on the staff of a script-based fanfic called Star Trek Renaissance, and I came up with the idea...

20th May 2002 05:05

I do believe it would be a lot easier to say "MP3" instead of "Mpeg 3-layer". And more people would...

18th May 2002 22:05

Aaaand the side view...

18th May 2002 10:05

I did a Bird of Prey drawing as well, cept it was a bit more in-line with the Klingon design astheti...

18th May 2002 10:05

OOOO!!!! Send it my way: [email][/email]

30th April 2002 07:04
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