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yeah no agp..messed up right...oh well, but yeah cod like stuff is fine, and no, i dont have $$$ for...

28th August 2004 08:08

now i REALLLLLLLY want hl2, i never heard of them making a hl1 source, thats great! Is cs source fre...

27th August 2004 22:08

well it certainly looks like there WILL be bosses...that blue tentacle thing that kills the soldier,...

27th August 2004 22:08

my god, it better be WAY before christmas or i'll go completely insane and unleash an orgy of death...

27th August 2004 22:08

YEAHHHHHHH!!!!! It better, you got my hopes up. But for making my day, this buds for you:beer:

27th August 2004 21:08

god...I hope your right man, that...A LITTLE BETTER THAN HL1 stuff gave me a heart attack, my pc ain...

27th August 2004 09:08

1:Shattered Faith-Great concept, amazing team. 2:FH2- Duh 3: First Strike- I hope its as good as GC

30th January 2006 11:01
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