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MG 42 ahead !! take cover

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I hit 37 / 40 in M16A2 and could access the M24 Range but next time i started AA I couldn't enter M2...

25th March 2003 21:03

paste a URL where the "topick" is EN BLOC ??!!! !!! maybe for frenchies the clip is EN BLOC

10th August 2003 14:08

have anybody tried to modify the M4,,, suppressor and so on??

11th August 2003 14:08

the ban ends when he dies or he can come if he fakes it !!! :lol:

11th August 2003 13:08

there is yeti somewhere in Tibet !!!!! !!

11th August 2003 13:08

I'm interested email [email][/email]

11th August 2003 13:08

there are many things called M1 Garand Carbine M1A1 Ambrams Thompons M1A1 etc etc

11th August 2003 13:08

Aamen to that

11th August 2003 13:08

PutzI tried doing that, without any success, anyone get it to work? yes I did..... have puted all t...

11th August 2003 13:08

I got pic of M4 + silencer + bipod in 1.9 trust me Here is what you put in you WeaponMods.ini fil...

10th August 2003 14:08

they are stupid as shit shot their own guys !!

10th August 2003 14:08

I believe you !!!

11th August 2003 17:08

The M14 doesn't look so effective !!

10th August 2003 01:08

is there any differences between the 604 mb version and 634 mb version ??

9th August 2003 16:08

we wan't yeti we wan't yet I have seen yeti on a screen shot BTW I got 1.9

9th August 2003 14:08

according to this site the 63...

9th August 2003 04:08

they could add claymore mines :agreed:

8th August 2003 15:08

M1 Garand ain't bolt action rifle so it does have a clip !!

8th August 2003 15:08

how summon yeti monster what is the code summon agp_character.npc_yeti ??

8th August 2003 15:08

have you guys tested by yourself the RPG 7 and AT4 ???

8th August 2003 14:08

'[101stGunner']There should be gun emplacements in AA:O maybe i dunno M2 .50 cal maybe ________ T...

7th August 2003 15:08

Lady Bob don't know about the AT4 and RPG AND M4 ??

11th August 2003 17:08

but AAFILES link comes to

11th August 2003 17:08

I thought that I was the first to say that 1.9 was out but someone was faster than I !!! BTW nice...

6th August 2003 13:08

that was a smart post keep it up ...

13th August 2003 22:08