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:confused:I'm new. I need to know all about downoads and how to open them.

13th May 2008 00:05

:confused:How do you make your own mods?

13th May 2008 00:05

new problem: when I try to extract files into the base folder, it says that it´s unable to. Why?:(:c...

27th May 2008 19:05

:confused:where´s the base folder on my hardrive?

27th May 2008 23:05

:rock:I found it. Thanks for your help!:):bows::bows::nodding::):Pc::saber::-D:thatsgreat:

6th June 2008 14:06

First off, I´m completely new to skinning (and I don´t have time). Second, I need a New Goblin skin...

16th July 2008 01:07

Sure. Anyway, here are pictures you could use. New Goblin: (I couldn´t...

16th July 2008 15:07


17th July 2008 15:07

Hello? Is anybody there?:confused::(:sleep:

21st July 2008 15:07

On my previous post, the ones who posted suddenly ignored me. Now I'm back peading for a clone wars...

1st September 2008 12:09

I'm talking about the new new movie one, and I don't knw squat about modding:(

4th September 2008 22:09

it could even be a skin 4 that matter

4th September 2008 22:09

Ahsoka Tano: Anakin: http://www.starwars....

4th September 2008 23:09