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I think it is because they have been blown off the body. Nice update btw!

10th October 2006 09:10

My favourite developer is the one who first announces the official release date. ;)

8th June 2007 01:06

Johann├Ęs;4337905I like this one: "* Italian heavy soldier with Sahariana jacket (jodonnell)" Is...

11th May 2008 05:05

'LIGHTNING [NL;3255839']I don't think there will be an update this week - there isn't much to show....

3rd October 2006 08:10

My one grandfather was in the Italian Army. I have no details since my grandmother does not know exa...

24th July 2008 00:07

Haha, you had me for a few seconds before I realized it was an image.

27th August 2008 21:08

The proper introduction to the Italian forces!

27th August 2008 20:08

Finished Italian forces!

6th August 2008 22:08

Flippy Warbear;4461136Agreed. Stick me on that list. Sadly, I vaguely remember one of the FH devs...

27th July 2008 03:07

Marcituchi;4456232I am not sure if this question has been asked yet, or if the answer was already gi...

25th July 2008 01:07

I am not sure if this question has been asked yet, or if the answer was already given, but how old a...

25th July 2008 01:07

Lobo;4455931Because hate and love are disturbingly close feelings I believe you can hate someone yo...

24th July 2008 23:07

Chanquad;4454295Look at the first page of this thread.. You caught me, I skipped right to the last...

24th July 2008 07:07

Seth Soldier seems to be the new McGibs of hand weapons. Very high quality indeed! Speaking of McGi...

24th July 2008 05:07

Player03251992;4453477Wouldnt make much sense IMO :uhm: How bout NEW italian player models =p I e...

24th July 2008 00:07

How about the official unveiling of the Italian player models? They have been in game since the firs...

24th July 2008 00:07

Player03251992;4453014:lolpoint: Not where im from :rolleyes: (and im near where you live marcit...

23rd July 2008 21:07

Pretty pictures! Nothing better than leaked screenshots early in the morning.

25th May 2008 10:05

Canadian girls are the finest!

23rd July 2008 07:07

You could shave her head and make a human hair beard out of it to disguise yourself. She'll never kn...

23rd July 2008 05:07

Sire_Apple;4451967I'm afraid that would make her even flatter. Haha, I love it.

23rd July 2008 05:07

You should just kick her... kick her in the chest.

23rd July 2008 05:07

Sire_Apple;4451472She annoys me to no end. Why would I settle for the little bit that she actually d...

23rd July 2008 02:07

Did you just insult the viewers? No... Good. But I can... I laughed.

22nd July 2008 09:07

How much are you looking to raise?

22nd July 2008 09:07