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The current update for Forgotten Hope is being shown as a Forgotten Hope 2 mod update on http://www....

4th July 2005 05:07

Its even clear on the main page that they are moving to BF2. ;)

22nd June 2005 21:06

Awesome update. :bows: I am guessing the pilot kit will now have a parachute on his back, looking...

30th December 2004 05:12

Mr.IrritationPeople cry even when it's free, an someone went out of their way to make an improvement...

25th December 2004 08:12

Awesome sounds for the most part. The only two I dislike are the MG42 and the G43.

25th December 2004 06:12

Awesome flame effects. I can't wait to see all those other effects that will be included in the new...

20th December 2004 09:12

Thanks for the videos. Awesome sounds. :bows:

19th December 2004 03:12

That sounds great! I sure can't wait for custom animations. :bows:

12th December 2004 15:12

Do you have the link to that video? I would like to watch it. :) Also that is a hell of a lot of w...

6th December 2004 10:12

Amazing effects there! :D

3rd December 2004 11:12

Yay for the Italians!

28th August 2008 02:08