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Hello Ladies and Gents, I am Byron. I like video games, mostly Final Fantasy and what not. I also l...

4th September 2004 14:09

:dpistols: :gay:

10th September 2006 00:09

when do you think some of the models are going to be released?

24th September 2006 20:09

try joining it up, make it a dagger shape?

24th September 2006 20:09

the belisnker doesnt have curved wings they are flat ^_^

24th September 2006 10:09

GreathorI was building the Supergate that I modified slightly, and thought I'd show you guy's how it...

23rd September 2006 22:09

well try replacing the sod and texture files for the transwarp portal and play with the sod a little...

20th September 2006 10:09

why not just use the borg transwarp portal, change the model to the stargate, make sure its stood up...

19th September 2006 21:09

i think the model needs to be greyer, with its current colorscheme it seems to wraith in my opinion

17th September 2006 21:09

when do you think you will release the ori ship? (the sooner the better ^_^)

15th September 2006 22:09

my advice is to reduce the neck by about half and the head by about a quarter, that should make the...

12th September 2006 18:09

the neck is way too long

12th September 2006 08:09

namdnasi don't mean to screw this all up but is not the bridge a dome in about the middle of the shi...

10th September 2006 20:09

wraith_shadowyeah, that does sound logical, but the why didnt..... Spoiler season 3 of atlantis. S...

9th September 2006 23:09

there is no way a ship of this size could appear in stargate, and i agree with the earier post of ha...

26th September 2006 15:09

the spike must have been added after atlantis left earth, because in the very first 2 minutes of sta...

9th September 2006 20:09

no they are tanned

8th September 2006 21:09

i prefer the white one

8th September 2006 19:09

amazing model shame it doesnt like shooting

8th September 2006 11:09

can you send in the sod before you go or isnt it complete yet?

8th September 2006 00:09

I have no idea it isnt too hard to create an odf file if you are exeperienced enough

7th September 2006 23:09

Kelvin SlaughterYeah, just creating the SOD one right now. And Ill see if Milkshape can extract to o...

7th September 2006 23:09

yer i got it shame you didnt include and odf or sod, would make for a great ingame ship

7th September 2006 21:09

i would have....if there werent a series of dots in place of part of the link

7th September 2006 20:09

the links dont actually do anything but redirect to this page

7th September 2006 20:09