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open the weapon.dat in the "san andreas\data" folder and it says colt45, sawnoff and some other simi...

3rd August 2006 20:08

Is it possible to add decals to vehicles without altering the .dff file (since my Gmax can't skin th...

26th March 2007 13:03

where do you put them then? and you should come with a little more info so the pro's know whats wron...

3rd December 2006 21:12

And you can set the date in the mission editor to 25th at anytime of the year and it will be christm...

25th December 2006 09:12

have you tried alt+tab back to desktop and then back to the game? i had the same problem a while ago...

1st January 2007 12:01

no problem, always glad to help

2nd January 2007 18:01

wow, there are many nice desktops here. well, heres mine

11th January 2007 16:01

How do i change the weapons the peds have. I have been looking through almost every file now but I c...

25th March 2007 08:03

Repub21 hold down space til you will see the green "crosshair" when it turns red you can fire the he...

25th March 2007 08:03

I mean the gang members ive changed them into ruskies and i want them to have ak47's, I mean grove s...

25th March 2007 08:03

when i click the open existing file and select the main.scm, right after i select the folder and cli...

25th March 2007 09:03

Thank you so much for your help

25th March 2007 09:03

I don't feel like starting a new thread for this but is it possible to add decals to vehicles withou...

26th March 2007 12:03

when the "gang-number" is 2 the yellow gang get the guns

26th March 2007 15:03

what starts spinning? CJ, the crosshair or the screen. And you dont mean when he is shooting right?

24th October 2006 18:10

I looked around a little more and it seems like grove street is gang 1 for me

27th March 2007 15:03

so there is a EU and a UK version? is there? if so why?

27th March 2007 18:03

By the way Flip, could you help me with the texture/decals problem?

28th March 2007 10:03

im trying to add the red star to the army truck but my Gmax can't skin it comes up an error everytim...

28th March 2007 13:03

ok, thanks anyway for trying

29th March 2007 15:03

Maybe because they don't know? I've looked around quite much but can't find any castle. sure it wasn...

18th May 2007 10:05

How do i change the weapons cops have? I'm trying to change SWATs weapons to the mp5 but its hard to...

29th June 2007 14:06

Heres a link to the modelling program: BREATHE! , but im not sure about the other things though

3rd August 2007 09:08

well, i would like to have something to do when I've finished the game. I don't know what though, th...

11th September 2007 13:09

Hi everybody! How do i make a collision mesh for models in Gmax? everything is done besides that and...

14th September 2007 17:09