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NemmerleWe can't really blame Bush, it's those damned Illuminati, man! Always pushing buttons just f...

24th September 2005 04:09

Konungariket Sverige

26th September 2005 19:09

Det gick vilt till på årets Romsdalsmarknad i Åndalsnes på den norska västkusten. 14 svenskar och n...

26th September 2005 19:09

amoreelitesoldier I have one question that I think I have a logical answer for; Why is it that there...

26th September 2005 19:09

Welcome to FFF, Dönitz habe ein müde affe um die ecke :).

26th September 2005 05:09


26th September 2005 03:09

Firearms should only be in the hands of trained professionals, I wont go further than that :). I hav...

26th September 2005 02:09

Thanks alot guys, beeing 18 roxors ;).

25th September 2005 04:09

Pethegreat™Well give me list of presidents who had affairs in office then used his power to try to c...

24th September 2005 18:09

Pethegreat™How could the goverment interfere with a private school that gets no money from the gover...

24th September 2005 18:09

That'd be illegal here.

24th September 2005 18:09

Hell yeah! He had flying brains as friends or something like that. I have a Widget sticker on the ba...

24th September 2005 17:09


24th September 2005 05:09

Okay at first I liked this skin (IMO it looks good and all, the buttons kicks ass), but my eyes gets...

22nd September 2005 09:09

USMA that's common knowledge. I've heard many experts saying that the election was a joke. We shoul...

23rd September 2005 22:09

:moved: It's cool 7/10

23rd September 2005 21:09

Yes, it's a new skin. Please use the various threads in the Feedback forum if you want to state your...

22nd September 2005 21:09

I can't speak Russian, so: Grattis på födelsedagen!

22nd September 2005 11:09

SupaStarAshIf you're saying what i think you are... Space is cold, it doesn't matter if we pump ev...

22nd September 2005 10:09

I know it's a bug from the melee text but it still made me laugh :lol:.

22nd September 2005 10:09

Pethegreat™I have not seen definative proof for it though. We have only been watching it for 25 year...

22nd September 2005 09:09

Global warming exists, period.

22nd September 2005 09:09

Hmm, TIG welding I guess.

14th September 2005 01:09

Well the problem is that almost everyone that can't speak english for shite are from english speakin...

13th September 2005 13:09

Sweeden :)

4th September 2005 07:09