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Hi, Yesterday I started to play SCIII ! The first Problem I had was the well known directX9 Error,of...

19th August 2004 17:08

the sword dose look nice :nodding:

11th May 2006 15:05

oh wait no now i see what plate u mean :lol:

14th June 2006 21:06 im confused :confused: lol

14th June 2006 21:06

goodluck with the map :D

12th June 2006 10:06

Sweet that got it working, thanks:D

12th June 2006 10:06

im having some problems with the model advent hildren "AC" sephiroth link HERE, its suposed to come...

11th June 2006 12:06

i think this pic was just on a bad angle, because it does look over sized. but in this one the size...

7th June 2006 11:06

I know well enough that Cloud did, in fact, detach the Vendetta. He NEVER used the Avangarde agains...

1st June 2006 17:06

wow great work :bows: looking realy good

25th May 2006 12:05

lol fair enuff

25th May 2006 12:05

how was my old sig a violation of the rules ?

24th May 2006 19:05

WOW...those are all great:bows: , sorry i took so long to get back to ya's, i been having pc trouble...

24th May 2006 17:05

Im looking for a new sig similar to mine, id try myself but i dont have picture editing programs (di...

16th May 2006 13:05

E3 is a big gaming expo, in america i think, but i'll never get to go coz i live in australia :bawl:

11th May 2006 16:05

You could try reinstalling it, i once had the same problem and reinstalling fixed it.

10th May 2006 21:05

Okay thanks :) I already tried it this way, but I will try again.

20th August 2004 17:08

Great work, love the swords:bows: im looking forward to seeing more of your work

10th May 2006 21:05

To make things even easyer download modle view:) , u just use the keypad to do all the comands. its...

10th May 2006 20:05

some swords ive downloaded, when hited, go on yor back, while others get put on yor waist and poke u...

10th November 2005 18:11

:bows:HOORAH:bows: yup yup its working now :p thanks

10th November 2005 18:11

i followed one of the tutorials to make cloud on SP, i got him on there but his hair is dogy,its got...

10th November 2005 17:11

are u gunna make him avalible in singleplayer ?

10th November 2005 15:11

ok ive done everything the tutorial said on puting a model into single player, its in the single pla...

10th November 2005 15:11

can anyone tell me how to make a multiplayer saber/sword availble in Sp, and how to edit a model so...

10th November 2005 13:11
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