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Hey, this is my third level and Im wanting to make it a tie factory and im dont know how to import t...

29th July 2002 13:07

thats cool, it doesnt have to be for you but it is for me and i think id be cool if someone made tha...

3rd August 2002 09:08

ok it's not spawning anything?

6th August 2002 23:08

well i found it but its called npc_******, thanx for your help

6th August 2002 11:08

cool thanx

5th August 2002 13:08

Ive tried Kazaa a thousand times and nothing is what it says it is but ill try those other ones thnx

5th August 2002 12:08

is there any way to play BFP without having Q3? cause i really wanna play it but i dont have Q3 and...

5th August 2002 12:08

ok i dont have one of those and if i do i cant find it!!

5th August 2002 12:08

how can i convert them?

3rd August 2002 14:08

where do you get that DBZ skin pack?

3rd August 2002 10:08

thanx dude!!

3rd August 2002 10:08

no i know how to do that im talking about spawning them in the middle of the level, like while some...

3rd August 2002 02:08

I just want to have a way to make it in single player maps where when an ally dies you fail the miss...

30th July 2002 12:07

Could some one please easily explain npc spawning because i cant seem to find a place that does. th...

3rd August 2002 01:08

look at it this way lets say you take a kids cartoon such as bugs bunny add lots of death, destructi...

3rd August 2002 00:08

what kinda rebutle is that, it doesn't prove anything?

2nd August 2002 10:08

never mind i figured everything out, i guess it doesnt matter since nobody replied anyways!

1st August 2002 13:08

its a cartoon(which doesnt mean it automaticly stinks) thats intended for the ages of 16-24, and to...

1st August 2002 13:08

I think it would be cool if someone made a Goku skinto replace kile in the game it would be sweet to...

31st July 2002 14:07

cool thankz.

31st July 2002 14:07

Thanx darth_micke, that site is a big help dude!!

31st July 2002 08:07


31st July 2002 01:07

i have both and theres things about both i dont like like how i didnt have any npcs on gtk, and on j...

30th July 2002 14:07

so i can just put them in jedi outcast and they work?

7th August 2002 00:08