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Hello, to help you, there is a file at JK2Files that has a skinning tutorial you can download. it's...

7th June 2002 01:06

Yep, the inevitable is here, BAND CAMP. [sarcasm]I am extremely anticipating marching my ass off in...

14th July 2003 09:07

No, I left last monday, got back yesterday :).

21st July 2003 07:07

"A VB3 a day keeps the doctor away!" Ehm..Err..Ahem..

21st July 2003 06:07

Heheh, glad to be back. BTW, whoever voted Boo! on my poll will be perma-banned from filesnetwork....

21st July 2003 06:07

Hey guys, I'm back!!! *waits for a response* ... *walks away realizing no one cares* :)

21st July 2003 02:07

[QUOTE]Originally posted by Vanthem One of these days I'll buy a bus and go around the country round...

21st July 2003 02:07

K, there will be Dod-LIKE and CS-LIKE mods that will be released soon after HL2 comes out. However,...

21st July 2003 02:07

Yep, an upgrade is definitely in store for you if you want to play HL2 :-/ ( Heh, that rhymes! )

21st July 2003 02:07

NOOOOOOO!!!! Mean 'ol Valve... :(

14th July 2003 00:07

Oh believe me, anyone who worked at during 2002 definitely earned it :).It was the busi...

21st July 2003 07:07

Hey guys, what's new?? I'm the new Forum Mod over here at! I'm trying to bring a lo...

13th July 2003 11:07

I am very looking forward to the Civil War mod for HL2. I am in a Battlegrounds clan, and I love the...

13th July 2003 11:07

Steam = ewwwww Maybe it has been updated since I last used it, but it was buggy as hell, and downri...

12th July 2003 10:07

Z.A.C.H. : Zitruim Automatic Carborator Humanoid!

12th July 2003 10:07

If you are a MOD on any forum, you are able to personalize your "rank".

25th November 2002 06:11

Mesa, please don't spam like that!

24th November 2002 01:11

Bah, I think you would need to edit the code, i dont think that can be done manually from th console...

2nd November 2002 12:11

I know man, cheats ruin a game. It takes the challenge and fun out of the MP aspect of the game, bec...

29th October 2002 06:10

Yep, I'm going for the record! :) J/K Speaking of records, look at the general duscussion forum. B...

21st July 2003 07:07

Post your jokes here! Keep them relatively clean, please :). If you're not sure, send it to one of...

21st July 2003 07:07

As long as you don't DISTRIBUTE it it's legit :)

28th October 2002 20:10

/me is scared of ditchhopper :(

22nd July 2003 12:07

There is nothing wrong with wanting a general topic where people can post their specs and see if the...

29th July 2003 11:07

sorry Azz, but that thing take up 1/2 of my screen. I like traxil's idea.

25th July 2003 11:07