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so now what? Ask for a patch to the mod or reinstall? I've got my entire BC thing ready to put toget...

26th July 2004 14:07

Italian Americans are kewl. And so is their food. Where's Luigi? X.x

28th August 2002 14:08

where and how do I make this mod?

29th August 2002 01:08

heh. True. But I'd think looking for a cloaked ship would be more difficult than that.

28th August 2002 14:08

lol. What about the Kessok? Where'd they get their cloakin' device from? I wonder if anyone's going...

28th August 2002 16:08

hopefully my aim is better. :D

28th August 2002 16:08

what cruiser are you referring to?

28th August 2002 19:08

ah, so that's where the Intrepid engineering station is. I never noticed it before.

28th August 2002 20:08

Is this transphasic torpedo mod supposed to be separate or replace all the quantam torpedos?

29th August 2002 00:08

Is there someone out there who can make types 9, 6, and/or 7 personnel shuttle crafts?

29th August 2002 21:08

I just got the crap beaten out of me by a borg diamond and a tactical cube with the premonition, but...

21st October 2003 19:10

Is anyone planning to make the bridge from the Bird of Prey from Star Trek IV?

13th September 2002 14:09

How come the Enterprise-D can't produce a terrawatt of power? I thought they would be producing at l...

9th December 2002 00:12

I installed the cardassian Hecate and Kimal ships and whenever I try to use a cardassian x torpedo,...

4th August 2003 23:08

I have two starbases. The original, and a souped up one with torpedoes and ablative armour. But none...

4th August 2003 23:08

kewl. Hope it's a good one! ^^

7th August 2003 23:08

Try putting pulse phasers, a more realistic amount of phashers, ablative armor, and multiple torpedo...

9th August 2003 01:08

Make it into a BCMOD file. It confused me the first time with how to install it. Now I'm stuck with...

26th August 2002 23:08

Does anyone else here play Wizardry? I'm currently waiting for Wizardry: The Summoning for GameBoy A...

26th August 2002 23:08

Is anyone planning to redo the Galaxy Class starship bridge? All the stations aren't correct and it'...

21st August 2002 19:08

Are there any plans for a revamp of the starbase? I know there's more than 8 phaser arrays on one of...

24th August 2002 23:08

I'd think it would be possible. It'd be neat to see too.

24th August 2002 21:08

Unless I installed the FC uniforms wrong, or just never noticed it, shouldn't Felix's uniform be mar...

24th August 2002 21:08

Hopefully I'll be able to find out the shield strength of a starbase in the Omnipedia when I get it....

24th August 2002 22:08

I wonder if anyone has plans to include shields and new hardpoints...

24th August 2002 23:08