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Yesterday I started the last quest from the Thieves guild questline (the last big heist). Now, when...

6th July 2006 22:07

Thats nice :) maybe they could just release a major patch of hl2 to make it look they implemented H...

11th December 2006 19:12

huh? could someone submit a screenie showing that logo on his case? Didn't notice that at all :rolle...

24th October 2006 00:10

Had the same problem with morrowind some time ago. The only solution was to format my PC... :(

31st October 2006 00:10

I had the same problem! So I just dl'd it through STEAM (which took ages...) :0wned:

5th November 2006 00:11

Indeed, and I got bored and started another game :smokin:

9th November 2006 23:11

I am trying to make a map for the first time. I have 3 props, a crossbow and some ammo. When I run t...

13th November 2006 02:11

I was wondering, is it possible to use the hl2 mods also in ep1? Like the axe-crowbar replacement, w...

29th November 2006 23:11

Going to try it out tonight. I'll post the solution ;)

11th December 2006 18:12

well, I just went in there, relying on my luck :p Off topic, how do u get more than 1 userbar in yo...

12th December 2006 02:12

Well, I should just take a house in the Market Plaza. Buy, get rid of the old stuff in ur house and...

29th August 2006 00:08

well, when I want to bring the console down, I have to press "²" :p Stupid keyboards, why dont they...

1st January 2007 22:01

I think when u make a mod and ask money for it (commercial purpose), u have to get a license. Is my...

2nd January 2007 06:01

INCOMING SHOVEL !! :p best comic ever, lmao

24th January 2007 23:01

hehe, I took "A Valid Name" or "Enter Character Name". Very funny to see ingame. :rolleyes:

13th March 2007 00:03

U mean kinda like the WoW sets? I like ur idea! :)

25th March 2007 15:03 Just had new pants, not the B...

26th March 2007 22:03

When I tried to install oblivion, a message appeared and the installation stopped and I had to cance...

8th April 2007 23:04

Hi, I had the same problem there, and with another quest. I fixed it with reinstalling the game and...

28th September 2006 23:09

Captain AmerikaI wish there were vegetation mods like they have for oblivion. Indeed, maybe an ide...

26th August 2006 23:08

Just a little question, can u travel to the Summerset Isles in Oblivion? :confused: If its possible...

8th July 2006 18:07

Well, I just... played on! :D

30th July 2006 18:07

Ah, anyway, thanx for the help m8 :)

9th July 2006 04:07

Well, I had the same problem @ DoD: S. I have an nVidia GeForce 6600GT 128mb. When I play -sometimes...

16th July 2006 17:07

someone fell out of the stupid tree and hit every branch on the way down :0wned:

20th July 2006 03:07
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