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well not in the battle Before the battle

17th October 2005 14:10

oh you can do a wraith ship from SG: Atlantis

10th October 2005 14:10

SaquistHas this game come out yet... I've been waiting for ever... *knocks on Skull* yeah HELLO????

11th October 2005 22:10


11th October 2005 18:10

Major A PayneIf you took the time to use a bit of common sense and check his profile you'll see he h...

11th October 2005 02:10

and MAP what do you mean release your stuff like just on websites or completely like if i asked to t...

11th October 2005 01:10

id liek to help im trying toget active in the A2 modding community

11th October 2005 01:10

Ok let me break down my views about it ok. I didn't get paid for it so if someone wants to take a p...

10th October 2005 21:10

but he siad he wasnet going to just release it he said hed credit the people whos stuff he used

10th October 2005 14:10

I am having trouble getting the game to load recently. I reinstalled it and it still wont load. I cl...

31st July 2012 19:07