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umm added unlocks for sniper n anti tank

12th January 2006 15:01

i was reading the new update changes for 1.2

12th January 2006 15:01

i always get revenge

12th January 2006 18:01

lower you lighting

12th January 2006 18:01

and it says uavs will be able to be shot down here is all the news http://planetbattlefield.gamespy...

14th January 2006 10:01

stfu they all work really they brought us one of the best online pc games ever made they are fixing...

15th January 2006 11:01

WTF bfv better just coz it dosent have bugs donsent mean its better i personally think bf2 is the be...

15th January 2006 19:01

yea i use it over anything coz i can get head shots really easyly

16th January 2006 14:01

if you edit you video.con file in profiles and change some of the numbers to 4 you can get ultra set...

16th January 2006 16:01

well im sorry i might if i have the time

16th January 2006 21:01

trying to get the badges is fun and at least you have something to do

17th January 2006 23:01

just get the xbox360 version of it when he comes out

18th January 2006 15:01

or make a single player wif bots of by your self and type demo.recorddemo (thenthedemoname) and afte...

18th January 2006 16:01

first of all what map is ohama beach its not in bf2 are you sure your not talking about bf1942 and h...

19th January 2006 09:01

its 10 dollers god is everyone here broke

19th January 2006 14:01

type this ok call it damon you type demo.recorddemo damon

20th January 2006 12:01

he means the exe

20th January 2006 15:01

i have zonealarm not pro so its not that try and get the patch

21st January 2006 11:01

maby he needs to get sf

21st January 2006 23:01

forgotten hope is for bf1942 if thats what your talking about

22nd January 2006 10:01

why are you stuck playing vietnam cant u play bf2

1st February 2006 13:02

coop mod still wont let you make a lan game with bots you have 2 make like a singleplayer server som...

2nd February 2006 13:02

or was it 1.8 go to system info and check

11th January 2006 13:01

did he by any chance get battlelauncher coz that mods some stuff p.s nice sig

6th March 2006 14:03

uhh you can throw the med packs while jumping i think?

20th February 2006 15:02