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yeah when u see a teasmmate red he is displayed as being on the other team coz many times have i bee...

21st February 2006 11:02

there are already about 5 ww2 mods in development

23rd February 2006 12:02

umm could your rephrase i cant understand what your are saying

24th February 2006 12:02

i doubt your friend talked to the ea admin

3rd March 2006 11:03

atleast im not the only one that actually likes what they are doing

3rd March 2006 13:03

is it a legal copy not burnt

3rd March 2006 13:03

it does that in americas army too i have never heard any1 complain about it

4th March 2006 10:03

update is a patch dude here is what your have to download;4...

6th March 2006 14:03

ahh coz they put the m95 why would they have 2 50. snipers?

9th March 2006 12:03

no dude you have to update your bfv get patch 1.21 i think it is

10th February 2006 12:02

just install the latest patch i think there is 1.20 and 1.21 ys you need 1.2 then the 1.21 http://...

9th March 2006 19:03

omg dont go off and tell him to buy a new card its just a ttexture problem but it might be overheati...

10th March 2006 13:03

so you wiped your harddirve coz bf2 wouldnt work?

13th March 2006 19:03

lol lilbond and marines do you seahawks and the xm-8 was cancelled

14th March 2006 12:03

use the f-35b JSF found on all the maps with carriers in them and hold s

14th March 2006 12:03

try a different server

19th March 2006 15:03

bah i h8 futuristic stuff but it looks ok when does the mod come out?

21st March 2006 17:03

count on me and if u need i can make a server

22nd March 2006 13:03

are you sure your pressing ` below esc

2nd April 2006 11:04

but xbox has better gpu

18th May 2006 07:05

no its not deleat and retrive your acccount c when u reinstall it dosent change the profile settings...

18th February 2006 11:02

its not a problem its just how they are sposed to be

9th February 2006 19:02

do you have the latest ati driver or bf2 patch... 1.12

2nd February 2006 13:02

yeah but the usmc dont use them and the m82 is about the same power as the m95 both so the m-...

4th February 2006 22:02

yeah they should be still active i did a search on =MM= tag in bf2 and 12 people came up soo keep lo...

2nd February 2006 13:02