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I'd like to know how you put custom sounds in your skins.

20th August 2002 01:08

"LITTLE" bro? :eek:

3rd November 2004 15:11

Come to think of it, I agree with HolyShield.

1st November 2004 11:11

Jesus, he's a thread necromancer!

2nd November 2004 18:11

I think the game can go up to 1280x1024, I don't know. As for Anti-Aliasing, there's an in-game opti...

2nd November 2004 19:11

Bleh, again this vehicle rubbish?

3rd November 2004 16:11

Meh. I get good FPS with my machine. It gets choppy at times, but what the hell. My PC is a piece of...

30th October 2004 00:10

Check if the resolution isn't too great, or if Anti Aliasing is set too high... If that doesn't help...

5th November 2004 15:11

This movie is VERY good. I really liked it. The only negative thing, in my opinion, is that Chemical...

5th November 2004 16:11

Hm... Get Doom 3 before Halo 2.

6th November 2004 01:11

420Nice job man, but what quality is that under? I can see no gun ammo numbers! I believe his video...

6th November 2004 17:11

Geez, you got some drawing skills. I can barely draw Trogdor...

6th November 2004 17:11

3 words, people: Use your imagination.

6th November 2004 17:11

Okay now, sorry for reviving the thread, but I was told that the Nitro Gore mod would -NOT- interfer...

6th November 2004 18:11

Shoot his groin. :naughty:

7th November 2004 04:11

If I had the cash, I'd make a new PC to run Doom 3, Half-Life 2 and any upcoming games more smoothly...

30th October 2004 01:10

Reinstall and don't do it again. It's all I can say.

30th October 2004 00:10

Uhh...am I the only normal human being in this forum? :p

7th November 2004 14:11

One suggestion I read somewhere is unpacking all .pk4s. But, I'm not being sarcastic or anything, I...

26th October 2004 17:10

Well, I used to play Battlefield 1942 a lot, so I don't mind long loadings.

26th October 2004 18:10

"under 3 minutes"? What frickin' game has 3 minutes of loading? :eek: The longest wait I had was...h...

26th October 2004 19:10

Well, here's my advice. Don't cheat and search a little better. :) For the keys of course, not for s...

26th October 2004 22:10

It means they are spawning, I guess.

27th October 2004 18:10

Well, I'm satisfied running on High Quality. I saw screenshots and didn't notice any difference betw...

27th October 2004 22:10

XLove & MutilationXi got all buried in doom 3's editor for a while.messed around with maps from...

27th October 2004 22:10