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Er... hey. :rolleyes:

19th October 2004 18:10

There have been a few attempts for outcast, but the arms litterally fly off, then come back. But you...

12th March 2009 03:03

there are many mods like ds-online that have npc spawning. the command is /g2animent 3 1 (weapon) (m...

29th June 2009 22:06

In the map "Forest House" in the control room, you can see a live camera view of different areas of...

28th June 2009 22:06

ok nvm i got it. you should have mentioned it was a shader.

26th June 2009 19:06

rofl what program are you using??!

26th June 2009 06:06

where would i add the "surfaceparm slick" part at? what top part exactly?

23rd June 2009 02:06

Yes, that slide. (except slide i want to make will be angled down so it looks like a slide. lol)

22nd June 2009 22:06

I'm using tempest and GTKRadiant. If you know how to make a slide in either of them, please tell me....

21st June 2009 21:06

qvms are the basicly the easier alternative to DLLs for JK, its easier to make, if you have the edit...

2nd May 2009 19:05

Get jediknight2editingtools2. it comes with a huge pile of text files that have settings for many, m...

12th March 2009 03:03

i did read it.. just missed that 1 post..

26th February 2009 03:02

Thank you! I thought it was about time I stopped lurking about anonymously. Oh, and I wanted to use...

19th October 2004 18:10

actually i dont know how to get singleplayer.. only the multiplayer.

24th February 2009 00:02

I dont think jedi knights needs a bothan.

24th February 2009 00:02

I know they are reused, i found a list of hundreds of them in the coding. My question was how to mak...

23rd February 2009 04:02

Hey guys, as you may know, in many server-side mods, there are emotes, for example typing /amsit in...

22nd February 2009 20:02

Hey, its very simple to improve weapon speed, just edit the source code, and ta-da. but, if you want...

22nd February 2009 20:02

.qvm are the main game programming scripts. Its actually lots of files squished into 1. They control...

22nd February 2009 20:02

Boondock Saints. Ā£5 quid in your local DVD store Brits. You have no excuse.

21st October 2004 18:10

Apparently I am a "Mad Ghetto Styling Pimp Daddy" I am also very much like Boromir. Well, at least...

20th October 2004 15:10

Wow. This must be what it was like for Jesus walking down the street. Thanks guys :D

20th October 2004 15:10

how do i make sound fx in a jk2 map? i am sure this is my last question.... it is supposed to be tar...

30th June 2009 23:06