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That thing would be "crazzzy" with a border

24th September 2004 19:09

I Haven't used lol for some years now, I weaned myself off it. And By the way if anyone sends me a p...

24th September 2004 19:09

Its a great movie and on top of that its rated PG with some of the most cursing I have seen in some...

24th September 2004 19:09

Im proud of my postion on GF Drumming Downloading When The Levee Breaks And going to sleep a bit ear...

24th September 2004 01:09

JP(NL)I'll never understand americans... neither will 99% of the rest of the world. You guys are so...

24th September 2004 20:09

I sent all my money to Bobby Teenager @ 123 Any Street Anytown USA 12345

24th September 2004 01:09


24th September 2004 01:09

Did you really?

24th September 2004 01:09

I don't really see the difference, I wont change it.

24th September 2004 01:09

Bawls Red Bull Stinger 2 Those are good, also Frapachinos are good.

23rd September 2004 19:09

To Mihail, Americans really don't care what foreign countrys think about the government or themselve...

25th September 2004 06:09

there used to be this guy on UPN i think called John Edward and he could communicate with the dead....

2nd October 2004 18:10

Nice job spamming there mortal Like I said before ON a different SONY Microsoft TOPIC. The System...

27th September 2004 20:09

especially by aeg

2nd October 2004 18:10

New York

30th September 2004 21:09


28th September 2004 23:09

I am god

28th September 2004 22:09

Moved to modding editing

27th September 2004 20:09

Id buy spain, and call in mEkImIrMe, capital would be mekville and it would pwn j00

27th September 2004 00:09

Make it about the people that stole my pie

27th September 2004 00:09

my uncle is going to kill everyone

23rd September 2004 02:09

smitty will tell his pizza hut story... I like this place thats only has one loction called Frsco's...

17th October 2004 19:10

I was laughing like crazy

17th October 2004 06:10

uhh I didn't know we didn't have a dc forum... unless i skipped over it, anyway Moved

17th October 2004 05:10

Oh, Baby, it's spamin' time, Oh, Baby, I got to post. Got to try to find a thread, Got to try to pos...

17th October 2004 05:10