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Omg you dont drink or eat or something like that if you are a true gamer of the halflife society you...

10th August 2004 04:08

Hi and welcome to GF!! i hope you enjoy!! if you need anything just pm me :)

20th June 2005 03:06

Well you have to buy a month dude and than you get an extra free month.

25th June 2005 04:06

Welcome Enjoy !! if you need anything just pm me :)

18th June 2005 20:06

Hmmm i'm not going to watch it that will spoil watching the movie

18th June 2005 02:06

I think everyone likes giving a warm welcome ^^

17th June 2005 02:06

I wouldn't mind because i wouldn't mind seeing some hotgirls walk naked on the streets

17th June 2005 02:06

Welcome! ENJOY!! If you need anything just pm me :)

17th June 2005 02:06

Well you go right and then left and then right and then you open the door and then another door and...

29th June 2005 01:06

Hmm i would rather stay dead then have salt in my body because then some guy with chips asks me can...

29th June 2005 03:06

PS3 all the way did you see the looks of it oh yummie :P

29th June 2005 02:06

Welcome to the forums ENJOY!!

29th June 2005 01:06

Welcome to the forums :D If you need anything just pm me. Please Stick to the rules :)

28th June 2005 23:06

Well download this :;20459

28th June 2005 16:06

Happy brithday :D

28th June 2005 12:06

Is anyone here going to ? it's a big lan party with 2000 people :)

16th June 2005 01:06

@zab I like that first picture :D

14th June 2005 02:06

UOZ send it to [email=""][/email] and i will host it...

14th June 2005 18:06

Thanx i wanted to know that too i needed a new grafic card, i think i will buy that $300 card

14th June 2005 18:06

Everybody looks so different than i expected

14th June 2005 03:06

I think you're right Jedihunter

14th June 2005 03:06

Congrats zab next year is my final year i hope i make it :D

14th June 2005 01:06

OMG:O Thats just awesome:O

14th June 2005 19:06

you can play it on that one but i think the graphics will not be that high

13th June 2005 23:06

Hmmm BUY an alienware I advise you :P they are expensive but good :D

13th June 2005 23:06