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ok im really p***ed about this error :mad::mad::mad:, it goes along the lines of: SFC3.EXE caused a...

10th April 2003 17:04

when did silik save enterprise? was it the episode with all the pilgrims who came to watch a holy ev...

13th April 2003 17:04

but my theory is more plausable

20th April 2003 08:04

you can find the p81 sovereign download at here. ull need bc mod installer 3.1, if u dont have it cl...

19th April 2003 08:04

Hello, i would appreciate any help anyone can give me on how to get the scimitar in romulan campaign...

18th April 2003 10:04

can someone tell me where i can get hold of a DefaultCore file that someone has modified?

15th April 2003 07:04

aw well then I guess thats the end of this thread unless someone has anymore thoughts... :uhm:

13th April 2003 18:04

has anyone else got ant theories or explanations or thoughts?

13th April 2003 18:04

if u have to many ull not get ur head round anything, lol.

13th April 2003 18:04

just makes you think how hard it must be to write a strory for enterprise...

13th April 2003 18:04

lol just have a :beer: instead

13th April 2003 18:04

just think about this, enterprise is in a timeline that should not exist, and the people from the fu...

13th April 2003 17:04

thats because he had orders to from the guy from the future, and ive made a theory about that but it...

13th April 2003 17:04

exactly they used it to rescue archer and malcolm, but they should have kept BOTH of them.

13th April 2003 17:04

what kind of file were you trying to change?

10th April 2003 18:04

they couldnt have been that powerful cause they didnt destroy enetrprise with them (but were they al...

13th April 2003 17:04

good point, id watch shockwave again but i lost it, but on another note how does silik actually work...

13th April 2003 17:04

dominion mod?!? never heard of it, oh well. whats it like?

13th April 2003 04:04

wow id love to have a sov with the best config but when i looked at the file (loadout) it was just j...

12th April 2003 20:04

Daniels specificaly says that he isnt a member of the federation, but i doubt that if the federation...

12th April 2003 20:04

and as anather note, if starfleet does exist in the 31st century (i.e to send daniels back (although...

12th April 2003 07:04

what he may be saying is that daniels and the future starfleet (31st century one) may be trying to c...

12th April 2003 07:04

ok then ill rephrase that "were you trying to modify the ships to carry better equipment"? there we...

12th April 2003 05:04

in the loadout file where you trying to modify the ships to carry a better loadout by default.

11th April 2003 21:04

well i started a fed campaign, and then about half an hour into it the error occured, it also happen...

11th April 2003 16:04
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