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A: He Would Crash. Q: What If...... All the Sith lords in the movies were drunk during the duels?

6th July 2009 10:07

*SLAP* Thats for not re-installing Jedi Academy before!

11th October 2010 02:10

The model looks fantasic and the textures are well made. Why isnt he releasing this? To me, this is...

9th May 2011 03:05

Zack Wylde's Black Label Society - House of Doom :) I like it.

1st May 2011 05:05

Even with the spoiler, i cant see it. Or my monitor has to be cleaned.

17th April 2011 11:04

Its looking good bro.

15th April 2011 14:04

Lets say, you guys make it work. You guys made force repulse possible. Are we gonna do 1 standard ve...

24th January 2011 05:01

Illidan Kazama;5429289Wow finally one of the tools works, and i started to work on the hilt but it's...

26th November 2010 17:11

AshuraDX;5429255 and if Gmax isnt working for you there are other options : Softimage Modtool, Blend...

26th November 2010 16:11

I'll bet you stopped reading at the part that he showed you the picture. I mean, WHAT THE HELL!...

26th November 2010 16:11

I was gonna say that if it looks so similair to the first hilt in the first game, Why not reskin it....

14th November 2010 10:11

I can already hear a bot on JKA saying "Hi, Billy Mays here!" and that he kills me.

30th October 2010 18:10

Raz0r;5411482See, you're the kind of fan-boy I was talking about who doesn't have a realistic view o...

19th October 2010 15:10

This is just your average non-english speaking, mod demanding, never reading, too much pleasing fan.

19th October 2010 09:10

I like the idea, but i just hate it when there are people that have seen the idea so many times and...

19th October 2010 08:10

You should just finish this skinpack for now and when you find out that he realy needs to be pale, m...

4th October 2010 14:10

Schofield;5441550No, I found a girl who didn't want a penis. A lesbian?

13th May 2011 13:05

Looks even better :P Keep up the awesome work and if i were you, use that USB and save it there ever...

29th September 2010 15:09

Proof is in your avater.

26th September 2010 13:09

Well thats just Darth Maul without makeup What the smiling pervert Starkiller looks like is THIS:...

23rd September 2010 14:09

You realy have to make your own hands. If you looks closly, you will see that it does not fit the ar...

27th May 2010 15:05

Or you could just play the original game on your pc.

16th May 2010 10:05

And what model would that be?

19th April 2010 12:04

Well i followed all the instructions there but now nothing happens when i try to join a friend. I fi...

18th April 2010 14:04

I have a Vista and thanks for the messages.

17th April 2010 18:04