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can some 1 help me with the sound on my weapon??????:feedback: my problem is that i was extractin...

6th August 2004 03:08

We want Answers and we arnt going to stop until we get some!!!

12th December 2004 00:12

ill try to make the mod. i am very busy this wek but if you email me i will try. my email is [email=...

13th October 2004 06:10

we are a modding clan and we play ft, tdm and obt, all weapons or rifles. we can play with our mods...

13th October 2004 07:10

there is one that has already been made but it sucks it doesnt stay in that view when u run

14th October 2004 05:10

soooooo.......whats your point????:confused: we already knew this.:moon:

21st October 2004 08:10

has any 1 extracted the italian rifle from breakthrew? if so plz tell me before i try and screw up m...

21st October 2004 08:10

this might be a little off topic but id the dual pistol mod server side or client???

21st November 2004 22:11

when will u be done this kick ass thing?

28th November 2004 12:11

what the hell kinda map are you making where u need a b-25:confused:

28th November 2004 12:11

well i wasnt going to make one if i didnt know why plus i also dont know how to do it so ill shut up

2nd December 2004 04:12

yes the title explains everything. so um if u could help it is greatly appricicated and its very urg...

2nd December 2004 04:12

its that ill try that hope it works

3rd December 2004 02:12

yeah it worked :bows: that alot!!

3rd December 2004 21:12

dont wanna spam but that is sapose to be thanks and it makes no sense as thats alot!

3rd December 2004 21:12

i know 1 person who could probably make that bad he stoped playing moh 4 moths ago

7th December 2004 04:12

dont have a space in the file name maybe the game cant find the file because there is a space

12th December 2004 22:12

pa is just a gay imatation of cod anyways it suckd. only dif beteween cod and pa demo was 2 button.....

12th October 2004 02:10

on my clans server we want to run mohball. when we put it in it defaulted our dmflags and we dont kn...

17th December 2004 05:12

well you have a ball which you try to score on multiple "nets" and a tochdown area and for differen...

17th December 2004 21:12

my clan has be asking me to make a new gametype ffa-roundbased. now here is the problem: i dont know...

24th December 2004 05:12 has been changed to but it still has all of the same files

8th January 2005 08:01

what do u guys think about a hockey arena map?? i have started one because i missed hockey. it is 5...

9th January 2005 08:01

its not actuly that you are playing hockey you are just fighting in a hockey statium. got the idea a...

10th January 2005 04:01

the map will be done when it gets done. um i dont really have a timeframe when i hope to get it done...

20th January 2005 08:01