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16th April 2004 01:04

jihuugegiClose Combat 2. The demo rocks! Whoa, damn thanks for reminding me of that one. Yeah, i'v...

14th April 2004 05:04

The latest is the 1.01 Beta patch. It has plenty of fixes in it and it may be your solution.

15th April 2004 20:04

'[ZeRo//Tolerance']Hi there can anyone tell mme where the motocross madness section is in this forum...

15th April 2004 20:04

Have you tried patching the game ?

14th April 2004 22:04

I reckon getting money from the divorce settlement is the only agenda of some people; either marryin...

14th April 2004 17:04

dardMy top 5 games are Zelda:The Ocarina of Time Star Fox Adventures(for Gamecube) Soni...

14th April 2004 16:04

Happy to help. *Fills in form*

23rd April 2004 01:04

It was a sad day for me, when i found out that Sam & Max 2 and Full Throttle 2 were both cancell...

11th April 2004 17:04

Weird problem.... *Moving to Tech discussion section*

3rd May 2004 18:05

Another X-box rant. Whoop-de-CENSORED-do. Not everyone believes that x-box is "a god" actually i'v...

4th May 2004 23:05

Has it actually been proven that those were actual US & British soldiers abusing real prisoners?...

4th May 2004 05:05

Yeah, 9800 is faster than 9600XT, i think.

4th May 2004 00:05

ATI4EVER!it looks like valve un-delayed it!!!! it will be released June 1st instead of november!!!!...

3rd May 2004 20:05

Hmm, that looks like a pretty cool house, i wouldn't mind one myself - $5000 a month seems a little...

3rd May 2004 20:05

highroydsor people who try to have sex with you on the game :D lol ! i can't say i've ever heard of...

5th May 2004 02:05

Ahhh, it makes sense now... :sleeping: Heh, Tolip is a pretty cool name :)

3rd May 2004 05:05

Angelfire is where i stash all of my well, i don't think i've ever seen it go down, n...

3rd May 2004 05:05

Anyone wanna fill me in on what/who the hell 'Tolip' is?

3rd May 2004 05:05

At about post no.6 (when n0e came in to it :p )

2nd May 2004 21:05

Galactic Conquest ! I personally think the mod rocks and it seems to be the only one that has remai...

2nd May 2004 05:05

What. The. Hell ?

1st May 2004 16:05

Urgh - damn thats disturbing :uhm: but yeah, seems more like a mutation/abnormality to me.

5th May 2004 02:05

Nooooo. *cries*

1st May 2004 01:05

CHAKAn0e... well, I don't want to kill him, so I guess that's something. I love you n0e :giggle:

9th May 2004 02:05