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right guys im new to weapon skinning , and ive tried everything to get such good detail and i dnt kn...

25th February 2004 06:02

yes you can go to and you can download Punkbuster.

2nd January 2005 20:01

ok guys im a newbie at this so i do not know how to get custom sprays in so if you lot could tell th...

1st January 2005 00:01

yes like the name says how do i compile loads of pics so it looks like its doing something and i wan...

3rd February 2005 03:02

well yeah that would also be good to know please tell

5th February 2005 02:02

k cheers guys i got it working now thanks.:bows:

1st January 2005 22:01

this is my favourite set of skins

26th May 2004 14:05

ok the numba one thing that p***es me off most is when im in the middle of a gun fight and all of th...

14th February 2005 07:02

how do i get the name of the places in map have a look at screenshot

25th April 2004 05:04

ty ill try that m8 :nodding: :D

25th April 2004 18:04

put a spawn point in m8 that should work

27th April 2004 18:04

where can i find car prefabs i want every single one like out of hk and trucks and the forklift from...

29th April 2004 22:04

yo i have bought a perm server for my clan and i want to know if there is a way for pb screenshots t...

13th February 2005 07:02

ok guys i think most of you have heard of super stats or what ever its called but i cant find the si...

25th June 2005 02:06

cheers m8 i knew it was summin like that :beer:

25th June 2005 04:06 not finished yet but almost av a look and tell me what ya think

26th June 2005 06:06

Hi Guys Ive Been Looking Everywhere for serverstats and ultrastats to put on the website and cant se...

5th January 2007 23:01

Yeah I Cant Read German :confused:

6th January 2007 08:01

Hey i got ultrastats now, and all i need to know is how do i get them to work on my site and do i ha...

8th January 2007 10:01

ok ive uploaded ultrastats to my site now, and even put the games log and clanlogo in. i was just wo...

9th January 2007 08:01

Hey, ive been in some servers where if you get a headshot a custom message comes up, which obviously...

12th January 2007 21:01

ok now i know CB does there own rd but i cant find it any where not even there site so can anyone he...

16th February 2005 07:02

ok whats the i.p

17th February 2005 02:02

nah i cant find it on clanbase

17th February 2005 05:02

ok hi guys i was wondering if theres anything i can type or download that makes me reload quicker an...

25th February 2005 21:02