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In lugormod when you're logged to admin level,1 making a spawner of npc is easy. /spawner 1 Insta...

20th September 2006 02:09

So Szico, is it still at 40%? ;D

11th January 2007 02:01

You didn't described what is happening :/

7th March 2007 23:03

SMoKE_89;35439122. Not sure if we're going to have this ability at all. I thought it would be quite...

21st February 2007 04:02

Maybe noone gave it to him? He could get it from the same website i downloaded it.

16th February 2007 02:02

Stage 3 was available in lugor for long time

16th February 2007 02:02

It cannon work with mp, because you will have different scripts then other. Or maybe im wrong?

3rd February 2007 11:02

So, when its done

23rd January 2007 06:01

The money system is similar to lugormod's. The money is saved on your account.

22nd January 2007 01:01

I cannot join to your server. It gives me error Error Client/Server game mismatch: basejka-1/Euka.1

21st January 2007 07:01

Could you help me? I've got problem and i see you haven't got it. How you can place trees in radiant...

25th December 2006 06:12

I know how to do it spawn many things its hard to explain its basically command /place [classname] [...

20th September 2006 03:09

Szico VII;3391883I swear I reviewed a map like this before...cept it was smaller and had big high wa...

9th December 2006 03:12

I cannot find easygen anywhere! If someone could post a link or send me it to [email]Mikaka27@gmail....

18th November 2006 18:11

This terminal from screenshot could be used for cameras like in kotor ^^

17th November 2006 03:11

For mapping in jka you will need GtkRadiant version 1.4 or 1.5. Download it from this site: http://q...

15th November 2006 21:11

You need to setup server.cfg set the rconpassword "" and sv_hostname "" also sv_pure "0" Next step i...

22nd September 2006 18:09

Lugormod can make any map work in any gametype. Even this from JK2 like jedimaster. // gametypes //...

22nd September 2006 04:09

"madcatmach2(...)they will be violateing the agreament with Szico saying that they wouldnt distribut...

20th September 2006 21:09

Try getting blueice_twilight and midgar_v3 beta

20th September 2006 19:09

Maybe mod is too old, and there are no servers??

5th May 2007 10:05