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hey guys, a while ago i was playin 2142 and picked up another blokes kit. i found this kickarse weap...

28th April 2008 02:04

opperation shingle was a disapointment, wake island is kick arse

7th June 2008 01:06

The Aussie Multi Game Clan is recruiting for our battlefield 2142 division!! We have 5 game servers,...

26th June 2008 09:06

nah, dont particuarly like G*U*E. guys kicked me from my own clans server. no thanks

23rd June 2008 06:06

i dont think warhammers popular enough for a movie

19th June 2008 09:06

i wanna be able to do it online im afriad

16th June 2008 08:06

i had that problem about 5 months ago. you need more ram. it runs smoothly for a few weeks then you...

16th June 2008 08:06

yea iv tried. i recon it thinks my account is playing anlone whenever i try to register it

9th June 2008 02:06

lol, shingle is too much of a sniper fest, and im usualy assault or support. i love the parked titan...

9th June 2008 01:06

sounds preaty cool ill look into it wow i took forever to reply to that

7th June 2008 01:06

yea their there. its installed. but i still cant use em cuz its telling me my user is online wheneve...

7th June 2008 01:06

hmm, i must get this

28th April 2008 03:04

yea i know aye. its just to compete with electronic arts and sierra i recon

3rd June 2008 05:06

iv checked everywhere. its not in any of those places, mods, desktop, system files. the lot

26th May 2008 11:05

hey guys, i bought gow a few days ago and it keeps tellign me to update live but whenever i do this...

24th May 2008 07:05

iv looked in the expansions and all that. nothing there. seems like it dosent even bother installing...

24th May 2008 07:05

done that twice, and google hasnt been much help so far, i think im kinda stuck mate

23rd May 2008 13:05

they have their own registration key. and if they are then why cant i use them? theres no shortcuts

20th May 2008 06:05

come on guys i need help here

19th May 2008 10:05

hey guys. im having trouble registering armored fury and euro force. when ever i type in the serial...

12th May 2008 09:05

hey guys, just wondering if there r any Aussie clans out there that are recruiting

28th April 2008 07:04

be better if you could have Australians vs Americans

15th August 2008 10:08