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what do you even do without destiny

30th September 2019 21:09

There's been a lot of hype surrounding the upcoming October 1 release of Destiny 2's latest expansio...

2nd September 2019 20:09

@Lysdestic  oh man, tell me about it :D

19th August 2019 19:08

I vape. I do it for enjoyment. I should probably wean myself off nicotine though. @Nemmerle  ⁠ is...

18th August 2019 16:08

PS, my friend request to you @Lysdestic   is still pending

18th August 2019 03:08

I feel like @Serio   also plays!

18th August 2019 03:08

@Lysdestic   you should hit me up, I'll strike with you. Love gambit too :)

17th August 2019 20:08

Personally can't wait, though the changes to the state of PvP is going to be interesting to see... @...

17th August 2019 19:08

Is it any better than last time tho

19th July 2019 14:07

Posted by LysdesticPosted by DannyPosted by MidawrI also use a rather old and weak laptop for games....

13th May 2019 21:05

I think I remember you @Darkpsy  ⁠ - Did we not run Remix Forumz together at some point? If so, h...

13th May 2019 21:05


12th April 2019 22:04


12th April 2019 22:04

is very nice

12th April 2019 22:04


12th April 2019 08:04

Posted by Superfluous CurmudgeonPosted by LindaleWe have Danny to thank for this place coming back.O...

8th April 2019 20:04

Apple hate third party repair shops

8th April 2019 10:04


8th April 2019 09:04

Posted by NemmerleAs the emphasis is increasingly placed on high degrees of intelligence and diligen...

8th April 2019 09:04

The kotaku article is very well written. The response from BioWare? Not so much. Hmm.

3rd April 2019 20:04

PS. Doge.

1st April 2019 00:04

I too hate Zephyr

31st March 2019 23:03

We are aware of the issue and are working on a fix.

31st March 2019 23:03

Posted by LysdesticWhat happened to FileTrekker? Death by teacup? Filetriggered

21st March 2019 20:03

Ahhh better times.

18th March 2019 21:03