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How do i change my size??????? I see big people and small people I'm just a normal size please help...

19th July 2002 02:07

Gmax wont open the glm files is what I meant to start with

4th August 2002 06:08

Its working just peachy for me. I'm not having any problems. Its unlikely that the master server is...

31st July 2002 00:07

He means delete it. And if that doesn't work get a young priest and an old priest.... jk

31st July 2002 00:07


31st July 2002 01:07

Head Up Display thats what I call it all the stuff around the outside that shows ur health etc.

31st July 2002 05:07

I could look into it but it would be better if EXiT shined some light on this until then try and get...

31st July 2002 05:07

What do I need to do to make a map?

2nd August 2002 09:08

How do i get gmax to accept glm files????

4th August 2002 01:08

You cant. You can only increase how often the bodypart will come flying off. If only some1 made a mo...

4th August 2002 07:08

I never have that problem really. But when ur running 1.04 and try to get on a 1.03 you have the prt...

30th July 2002 21:07

I remember when I couldn't even install Heros III when i got windows 2000. Have you tried reinstalli...

4th August 2002 07:08

I've made a map with radiant version 1.2.9. I do full vis compile and it doesn't create the frickin...

7th August 2002 03:08

Well I figured out the problem but not an answer I tried to make a brush really big and really high...

8th August 2002 22:08

Is there anyway I can edit a .pk3 so I'll change the music on it?

9th August 2002 00:08

Yeah I already looked through that I found out the answer to the correct problem I tried to put 55 s...

9th August 2002 19:08

Look through the adminmod there might be somethin in there.

9th August 2002 19:08

Probably because that server doesn't have your models.

9th August 2002 19:08

Change the folder options

9th August 2002 19:08

\screenshot if you dont want the HUD printscreen on ur keyboard if you like the HUD makes sense huh?

30th July 2002 21:07

OK then try to set the MOD (in the main menu) before you log onto the server and just turn autorun o...

30th July 2002 21:07

Anybody know where I can rent a server cheap that'll run JKII

19th July 2002 06:07

It is likely that he has version 1.04 and is not running a dedicated server. AND 1.04 ruined a bunch...

27th July 2002 10:07

Ok I'm trying to at least. First of all whenever I start up the server and once I start the game. I...

26th July 2002 01:07


26th July 2002 01:07
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