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When I go into Forces of Corruption, and rarely on Vanilla EAW, i get a GUI error where everything t...

10th December 2008 11:12

Essentially, all icons turn white and bug out. And when i Play FOC, the whole screen is white, asid...

11th December 2008 05:12

Mobb, dropping this into the FoC of AEM?

11th December 2008 05:12

Looking good so far. Big Fan of the older versions.

20th December 2008 14:12

kahoshi;4737086Santa dont hold a candle to you dude, no rush though I'm content with CiS v5.1 for no...

23rd December 2008 08:12

Might not be the best idea, but i deleted except.txt and it seemed to stop the exceptions, temporar...

17th January 2009 00:01

Not to take any sides here, as i love the Absolute Corruption Mod, but Mobbmann, please make sure yo...

21st January 2009 13:01

Vaders_legion;4775880So we're jackasses because we dont let you use specific items? Move the fuck on...

21st January 2009 13:01

I had seen a mod somewhere, that allowed for this to happen... i'll take a look.

22nd January 2009 20:01

Still looking, I'll be less distracted today... i'm done with midterms

23rd January 2009 04:01

Good news, Jedi_Consulor. I will be watching this mod as it progresses. :)

20th February 2009 11:02

Nihilus, I just wanted to say that I am looking forward to this mod's release, the Venator looks goo...

20th February 2009 11:02

Oh my god. That is beautiful. Filo, are you running the FX mod?

21st February 2009 00:02

Well, flash aside, the laz0r size is okay. Only other problem might be the fire delay between the t...

21st February 2009 21:02