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First of all: THANKS FOR A GREAT MOD!! If taking out the dirt effects increases performance then Im...

4th October 2003 16:10

Good last posts guys! You all have valid points Thank God for people that still can have a normal co...

3rd November 2003 12:11

Something smells fishy.......

1st November 2003 23:11

judge reinholdaaaaanytime now... veeeeeeery soooon.....

2nd November 2003 01:11

well thanks for letting us know! :(

2nd November 2003 01:11


2nd November 2003 01:11

IMO the italian army suck donkey balls I hope they never add that "army" EDITed

2nd November 2003 10:11

Flame war? No way, Im not flaming anyone I dont like the italians thats all, its my personal opinion

2nd November 2003 10:11

An update about the patch progress would be nice :)

2nd November 2003 12:11

D-fenceDitt nöt, du kommer bli flamead av italienarna nu. Jamenvafan det e ju inget personligt mot...

2nd November 2003 14:11

Reply Freaknasty has a valid point there The thing is I dont bash the italian ppl I mean that the ar...

2nd November 2003 17:11

TommyGunDalianiThanks i apprecite your stupidity on the forums. Please i do not want to start a fla...

3rd November 2003 09:11

I wouldnt mind to have this baby ingame Reggiane 2005 (Re2005)

3rd November 2003 12:11

Looks like there will be no patch today :(

1st November 2003 22:11

TommyGunDalianiblah blah blah i didn't feel like reading your shitty post but i have some suspiscion...

3rd November 2003 16:11

CMSGT JohnsonGood! I love FH's work soooooooooooooooo much better than EA/DICE. P.S EA/DICE is much...

3rd November 2003 17:11

TommyGunDalianiYes they have a rightful place in the mod that is why fh is going to put them in. And...

3rd November 2003 17:11

I dont have an insultive nature Im a man full of love I do have opinions and Im not afraid to speak...

3rd November 2003 17:11

CMSGT Johnson you are right I did lower me to his level, I wont do that again I have to keep in mind...

3rd November 2003 17:11

Its a good idea and its prolly not that hard to make concidering its a lot of water :)

3rd November 2003 20:11

What will the dev team do when BF Vietnam is released? Begin working with it right away and try to m...

4th November 2003 06:11

Im having the same problem :( Directly after double clicking on the patch .61 it closes 44.9 Mb

26th July 2004 17:07

Same problem I have downloaded from various sources

26th July 2004 17:07

Restarted the computer 3 times and now it installed the patch Weird...

26th July 2004 18:07

CoolguyYep. Lots of them. Oh and the patch is done and will be made available to the public in an h...

1st November 2003 22:11