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We already have someone doing some code for the mod, but we need a coder for the team to make the ga...

8th September 2004 20:09

tFighterPilotMy models sucked,I agree. :)

20th November 2004 08:11

you could decompile it ;)

9th November 2004 07:11 is.............................Am I cool now???????????????

12th November 2004 22:11

Maybe i can help, i made the Towelie model...Maybe we can make a south park mod!

17th November 2004 03:11

do you have aim or msn?

17th November 2004 04:11

Hey Antizac thanks for the compliments. I got someone who is making me ganondorf, shiek, and Zelda,...

17th November 2004 04:11

Why arent you on?

17th November 2004 05:11

youre not a good enough mapper sorry.

17th November 2004 07:11

Ok we are definitely doing a south park TC, whos with me??? We can make awesome cut scenes... like T...

17th November 2004 10:11

yeah youre right.

17th November 2004 19:11

ok.. Now whoever wants to map something, go ahead and map it and show WIP Pics on here.

21st November 2004 06:11

Gothix, you say you are a goth, can you give me the right definition of what kind you are, because i...

9th November 2004 04:11

I was going to do the same exact thing for a clan map! If anyone knows please tell me.

29th November 2004 08:11

I would like to try it out if you don't mind.

13th December 2004 22:12

I think a quidditch tc is a nice idea, and it wouldn't have to be that big of a mod. Try to contact...

16th December 2004 21:12

You may have seen it in my north pole map, but I have a train in there that follows around a perfect...

10th January 2005 19:01

Psh... You would have to change all the animations for the humanoid and that cannot be done unless i...

25th February 2005 19:02

Isn't there already a model like that made that was ripped from the game?

28th February 2005 04:02

haha that is mine!

15th March 2005 06:03

I think more it needs more detail and the architecture looks really sloppy. Good try.

15th March 2005 06:03

darth_grievous1He actually looks stoned in those Sith eyes. You have obviously never seen anyone s...

30th May 2005 11:05

Now i have a different view on it all :D Thanks for explaining gothiX! Does this mean you don't beli...

9th November 2004 07:11

The reason i didn't reply is because you are acting like a child. Playing UT isn't immature, it's th...

7th November 2004 21:11

This mod sucks and doesnt deserve to have the TC in it's name.

8th September 2004 20:09
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