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Hello all, I'm a newbie and just wanted to say hello. I've been on gamingforums before, but I chang...

16th January 2006 00:01

It means that when you open up the game and play it, your new skin isn't recognized (or in other wor...

1st May 2006 21:05

I was having the same problem, but no one has answered our question yet.

1st May 2006 06:05

Then why would they even include those files if they mess up the game?

30th April 2006 09:04

I just got a message when trying to load the first British mission in sp: 'Scirpt Compile Error'. C...

30th April 2006 05:04

It's a weapon skin

29th April 2006 07:04

How can you place your new file (the modded one) in to the main folder while keeping the original fi...

29th April 2006 05:04

By the way, does anyone know of some good 3ds max tutorials?

28th April 2006 05:04

I just downloaded 3ds max, so once school is over, I'll start practicing. And so you can't animate...

28th April 2006 03:04

Hello, I was wondering how I could go about editing the weapon's model, how it fires and the animati...

27th April 2006 19:04

Thanks, but I already worked out my problem. I was trying to convert the .gsc files, not the iwi fi...

27th April 2006 08:04

I'm still having trouble. PS can't open the IWI file because it says that it's no the right kind....

26th April 2006 23:04

Actually, I'm smarter than I appear. (and thanks for the help) I have read a couple of tut's on skin...

26th April 2006 23:04

Hello all, I was trying to skin the actual people in the game, but when I open up photoshop it asks...

26th April 2006 19:04

I believe it was under the username: Lt.CmdrWorf

16th January 2006 00:01

I didn't mean to get off topic.

19th January 2006 03:01

If you ever get your book published, let us know so we can check it out. :)

19th January 2006 00:01

I understood it just fine. sovereign001 explained just about as plainly as he/she(sorry, I'm new he...

19th January 2006 00:01

COD2 is definetely worth a try. And just think, If you don't like it, turn around and sell it so yo...

19th January 2006 00:01

I didn't run away, I changed email addresses. :) But seriously, thanks to everyone for the warm wel...

16th January 2006 09:01

Hey, thanks! :)

16th January 2006 07:01

The Internet Explorer won't respond.

16th January 2006 04:01

I'm having trouble with the link. Is there another link or website to visit?

16th January 2006 02:01

I'm having trouble with the link. Is there another link or website to visit?

16th January 2006 02:01

Thanks anyway.

16th January 2006 02:01
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