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This suggestion is fucking glorious!

27th August 2007 06:08

It's happening right now Zehnder.

26th August 2007 02:08

Actually, the mod was released yesterday....

27th August 2007 06:08

What about [130.Pz]Ufw.Erich Lw he flys with a mouse and he definately kept MG42 in check during our...

27th August 2007 02:08

The magician seems iffy, even wikipedia states that his book seems highly exaggerated.

26th August 2007 23:08

It also has to do with where you hit the plane, the engine is much more keen to a quick death then t...

26th August 2007 23:08

Somebody negged repped me for my bush comment...hahahahahahaha. I wish it told you who...Oh well, g...

26th August 2007 13:08

Fh2 release should coincide with the 2008 presidential elections, that way, when George bush leaves,...

26th August 2007 06:08

Well. I am still here. :). I'm beginning to not hate warum though

7th May 2010 20:05