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Welcome!   Switch and PC tend to be my primary platforms lately as well.  Luigi’s Mansion is good s...

21st April 2021 14:04

Justice will need to be metted within the environment in which it occurred.  Give Andron a fair duel...

27th January 2021 17:01

I’d be down for some Among Us

24th September 2020 19:09

M, W, R: Typically available after 00:00 GMT T, Su: unavailable F: after 19:00 GMT Sa: after 22:0...

9th September 2020 08:09

Sure thing

8th August 2020 07:08


7th August 2020 21:08


7th August 2020 20:08

If you have a library membership, some of them offer free access to the Hoopla application.  This al...

15th July 2020 09:07

I’ve started brewing my own beer and mead!  It’s a good complement to my already crazy complex cooki...

15th July 2020 09:07

Thanks for clarifying pivoting Adrian! mans I believe you are confusing me with Inyri.  Sorry!

12th July 2020 14:07

Convenience, information specificity, faster time interaction (main reason I don’t use the forums as...

12th July 2020 06:07

*mixes potato and pig and potato DNA* VOILA! Vegetarian Bacon! A whole new market!! :D

22nd April 2011 13:04

OMGOMGOMGOMG people with no relevance to anyone's every day life are getting MARRIED! OMGOMGOMGOMG!...

18th April 2011 22:04

Master Lindale;5493468[COLOR=orange]There is one problem with that. Obankobi is of the Male Species....

18th April 2011 22:04

Usually when bad things (like this) happen I try to teach myself a new skill that consumes the time...

21st April 2011 18:04

Happy birfday!

21st April 2011 18:04

21st April 2011 18:04

Lately the only thing was a dream the other night. I dreamed that there was some organization out t...

22nd April 2011 12:04

I think my favorite is the faux-pick-nose, then wiping it on the door handle >.> otherwise the...

25th April 2011 17:04

The cheesy poof monster and it's AK-47 toting assassin motorcycle cyborgs were gonna kill him :O I...

22nd April 2011 16:04

OH NOES!!! Only bacon can defeat the horrible satsu-man! But where is it?!

22nd April 2011 16:04

Mrs. Frisbee was a badass book haha it seems like people never really assign the good ones.

22nd April 2011 16:04

I smell a troll *raises eyebrow* This is a job for dun dun dun DUN! Tricorder XD

25th April 2011 17:04

It's bad and all but, seriously, 500, how do 500 people slip by however many guards? O.o

25th April 2011 17:04

If it's not a facehugger, and not painful enough to be appendicitus, you must be on your period. Th...

18th April 2011 22:04